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Pompilio’s owners to buy Giminetti Baking Co., maker of their bread; recently announced closure

Jim Ciuccio and Richard Ferguson, former Owners of Giminetti Baking Co. recently announced the closure of the wholesale bakery after 37 years in business. It didn’t take long for Mike Mazzei, Joe Bristow and Larry Geiger, owners of Pompilio’s Italian Restaurant, KHI Food Brands and Sweet Tooth Premium Ice Cream & Candies, to step in and offer to purchase the wholesale bakery.

“Believe it or not, Pompilio’s will be 90 years old next year so we’ve basically been serving Giminetti’s classic Italian white bread since they got started,” said Mike Mazzei. “Once Jim and Richard told us they were retiring, we knew we had to find a way to keep their iconic bakery alive. We know their bread better than anyone, so we feel confident taking the reins for at least another 37 years.”

A customer-focused approach, quality and speed of service are top of mind for the new outfit. The groups value-added food production experience through KHI Food Brands and customer centric approach at Pompilio’s and Sweet Tooth position them perfectly to take on the demands of running Giminetti Baking Co.

“As a local, independent restaurant owner, it really excites us to work within that community. Most of Giminetti’s clients are small, local restaurants. Working with top-rated restaurants like Moerlein Lager House, Pho Lang Tang and Lucius Q is something that we are very excited about. Restaurants like that make up the lifeblood of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky,” said Mazzei.

Giminetti Baking Company will be fully operational in the coming weeks. Customers can expect to hear from their favorite bakery in the coming days if they haven’t already.

KHI Food Brands, based in Northern Kentucky, is a value-added food producer. They provide expertise in small batch production and go-to-market solutions that enable their clients to achieve continued growth.

Pompilio’s Italian Restaurant, based in Newport, has been serving iconic Italian cuisine to the region since 1933. In addition to the restaurant, they offer catering for all occasions and their homemade sauces are available at area Kroger and Whole Foods locations.

Sweet Tooth Premium Ice Cream & Candies, based in Newport, has a retail storefront offering homemade ice cream, ice balls and candy that has been operating since 1972.

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