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Letter to Editor: Jan Skavdahl says Frankfort swamp will be drained, and primary election is a start

To the Editor:

Among the most cogent take-aways of the recently-concluded General Assembly’s legislative session is that, despite our nominal ‘Republican Super-Majority,’ our legislature is filled with Republicans who clearly do not represent the will of the people. A legislator’s Republican affiliation does not guarantee that he – or she – will strive always to uphold conservative, Constitutional ideals.

Quite the contrary: Though legislators touted their ‘conservative values’ in the deluge of campaign mailers which flooded mailboxes state-wide – fooling the unsophisticated public, unaware of the machinations in Frankfort – their actions spoke louder than their words. In point of fact, many – who could truthfully assert having voted for a specific issue – did great harm to legislation as originally written, by diluting both language and practical impact of what had been intended to be strong, effective legislation.

To wit: the voters of Northern Kentucky made their voices heard Tuesday (5/17), by voting out those whom they perceived betrayed their values, and voting in solid, Constitutional conservatives.

The tide has turned; the changes made are only the beginning. The people of the Commonwealth have had enough. Long-betrayed, ignored – and worse – the sleeping giant slumbers no more, and has arisen in full force, with clear intentions.

It is said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Our estimation: now that the tip of the iceberg has been revealed, the best is yet to come.

The Frankfort swamp WILL be drained; our Primary wins propel us to greater heights. Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.


Jan K. Skavdahl
Northern Kentucky Tea Party

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