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Update on current filings for elections involving NKY’s Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties; filing deadline is Jan. 25

Staff report

Filing deadline to run in the May primary has been extended to January 25. As some redistricting maps involving the state House and the U.S. Senate are currently included in a lawsuit filed in Franklin Circuit Court, there have been some suggestions that the filing deadline, as well as the May primary election might be moved but nothing has yet happened in that regard.

The Kenton County clerks office and the Campbell County clerks office have easy access to candidate filings, which they update regularly. The Boone County clerks office does not yet provide candidate filings online and couldn’t say when they would be posted for public access.

To see candidate filings in Kenton County (Gabrielle Summe, clerk) click here.

To see candidate filings in Campbell County (Jim Leursen, clerk) click here.

If you want to know candidate filings in Boone County, you have to call the voter registration department directly, 859-334-2130. Stacy Adkins is Voter Registration Supervisor. Justin Crigler is the county clerk. His email is jcrigler@boonecountyky.org and his phone number is 859-334-2108. After being cut off after a long wait, the NKyTribune emailed and got a call back from Adkins who didn’t say when the filings would be available to the public online. At the time, the Tribune asked only for the Florence mayor and council candidates and she readily provided those (below).

The following listings of local candidates are of contested races only. There are plenty of one-candidate races still and some races that have no candidates. The filing deadline is January 25, so there is still time to file.

Kenton County filings, current

Clerk: Incumbent Gabrielle Summe and challenger Danny Whitacre
County Commission, 2nd District: Anthony Schmiade and incumbent Jon Draud
Constable, 2nd District: Thomas Turner, Paul Woodard
Coroner: Jessica Cooper, Amber Constantine
Jailer: Marc Fields, Steven Larson
Property Valuation Administrator: Michael Constantino, Darlene Plummer
Covington City Commissioner (for 4 seats): Nolan Nicaise, Ronald Washington, Michelle Williams, Shannon Smith, Tim Downing
Erlanger City Council: 14 candidates for 9 positions

Campbell County filings, current

The site lists one candidate filing for PVA, county attorney and county clerk. The two candidates for County Judge Executive are incumbent Steve Pendery and Anna Zinkhorn.

Boone County: Florence mayor and city council

Two candidates have filed for mayor to replace current Mayor Diane Whalen who is not running for re-election: Duane Froelicher and Julie Metzger Aubuchon.

Florence City Council: Jonathan Trimble, Mel Carroll, David Osborne, Jenna Kemper, Lesley Chambers, J.Kelly Huff, Brian Kinross, A. Page Tubesing-Beetem, Patricia Wingo.

Secretary of State filings, current

U.S. Senator: Four Democratic candidates and five Republican candidates, including incumbent Rand Paul.
State Senator, 20th District: Wayne A. Karem, Aaron Reed, Calen Studler, Gex ‘Jay’ Williams
State Senator, 24th District: Shelley ‘Funke’ Frommeyer, Jessica Neal, Chris Robinson
Judge of the Court of Appeals, 6th/2nd: Susanne Cetrulo, Robert A Winter Jr.
District Judge, 16th/1st: Chas Brannen, Ann Ruttle
District Judge, 16th/2nd: Jamir Davis, Kenneth Easterling
District Judge, 16th/3rd: Douglas Grothaus
District Judge: 17th/1st: Cameron J Blau
District Judge, 17th/2nd: Erin Sizemore, David R. Steele
U.S. Representative, 4th: Matthew Lehman, Thomas Massie, Alyssa Darra McDowell, George Washinton, Claire Wirth
State Representative, 60th: Marrianne Proctor, Sal Santoro
State Representatve, 63rd: Kimberly Banta
State Representative, 64th: Kimberly Poore Moser
State Representative, 65th: Charles ‘Buddy’ Wheatley
State Representative, 66th: C. Ed Masssey, Steve Rawlings
State Representative, 76th: Rachel Roberts, Jerry C. Gearding
State Representative, 68th: Mike Clines, Mirna Eads, Paul Kloeker
State Representative, 69th: Chris Brown, Steven Doan, Adam Koenig
Justice of the Supreme Court, 6th: Joseph M Fischer, Michelle M Keller
Circuit Judge, 16th/1st: Kathy Lape
Circuit Judge, 16th, 3rd: Jason Edward Hiltz, Mary K ‘Kate’ Molloy
Circuit Judge, 16th, 4th: Patricia Summe
Circuit Judge, 17th/1st: Julie Reinhardt Ward
Circuit Judge, 17th/2nd: Dan Zalla
Circuit Judge Family Court, 16th/2nd: Benjamin G. Dusing, Carl E. Kochelmann Jr., Terri King Schoborg
Circuit Judge Family Court, 16th/5th: Acena J. Beck
Circuit Judge Family Court, 17th/3rd: Brenda L. Bonecutter, Andrea Janovic, Abigail Voelker

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