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Erlanger closer to allowing backyard chickens after first reading of new ordinance; will allow six chickens

Erlanger residents are closer to being able to have backyard chickens after the first reading of a new ordinance was approved by the city council this week.

Councilmember Steven Doane, an attorney, introduced the ordinance for a first reading. The second reading will take place October 19.

If it passes after the second reading, Erlanger residents will be able to have chickens under certain restrictions.

The ordinance allows up to six chickens kept in a coop or cage 50 feet from any adjacent structure. No roosters and no commercial operations.

The council studied the ordinances in the eight NKY cities that allow chickens, specifically Covington and Independence, to be sure to be fair and consistent, said Tyson Hermes, former Erlanger mayor and now councilmember.

“We wanted the ordinance to be as least restrictive as possible,” said Tyson, while allowing the benefits of chickens (including those fresh eggs) the many of us remember from our childhood.

Green America website says most neighborhood chicken owners have the same reason for starting their flocks: eggs, which studies have shown are more healthy (more omega-3 fatty acids and one-third the cholesterol) than factory-farmed eggs.

But that means keeping the chickens healthy and securing their protection with a chicken coop and safe “hen house” with nesting boxes. Chickens are social animals, can make good pets, and are sure to attract predators (protect them from hawks and raccoons).

See the NKyTribune’s Keven Moore column about backyard chickens.

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