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Bridgeview Box Park at Newport on Levee is just the place for fun, relaxation and social distancing

By Tory McKinley
NKyTribune intern

Newport on the Levee launched an exciting new venture that will be sure to draw a lot of visitors during the summer months. The Bridgeview Box Park is located just steps from the Newport Aquarium offering unique places to dine and shop while still adhering to Governor Andy Beshear’s social distancing guidelines. As part of his Better Together program, this unique spot allows for fun and relaxation in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.

(Photos by Tory McKinley)

The vibrantly painted shipping boxes are tucked in the heart of the Levee, making it a perfect escape for all who visit. In between the businesses are an array of seating options ranging from tables and chairs, to a fire pit surrounded by comfortable reclining deck chairs. Away from the hustle and bustle is a ledge that serves as a great spot to sip a drink as you gaze into the Cincinnati skyline. Hanging lights complete the scene allowing for nightlife to thrive as the sun sets over the Ohio River.

“We are creating an experience akin to sitting on your deck at home, except imagine that you are sipping an umbrella drink while people watching and taking in the four bridges stretching over the river,” said Adam Schwegman, partner and senior vice president of leasing at NAP (North American Properties). “The Box Park model is part of our approach to curating a retail and restaurant mix that is fresh, modern and approachable for small businesses. Moreover, the open-air design of the box park naturally lends itself to creating a comfortable gathering place for the community as we start to return to the ‘next normal.’”

Over the weekend, some of the restaurants had a soft launch to test out the waters to prepare for the busy season ahead. One of the stores, Bon Mi Street, was ready for customers serving a variety of Asian street foods and drinks such as milk tea and smoothies. Just across the way, Kon-Tiki prepared for their Thursday (6/4) open which will feature exotic tiki drinks allowing you to kick back and relax heading into the weekend. As summer progresses, these businesses will expand their menus and offer new experiences for customers.

There are many shipping boxes that have yet to open, but are preparing for customers in the very near future. The Little Spoon Bakery will be one to open soon, which will serve delicious pastries, drinks and Newport’s favorite, Carabello Coffee. Across the pavilion lies a spot for your local Beer and Spirits, as well as Leaf and Limb, a local plant and artisan shop.

With COVID-19 in mind, the Box Park has found unique ways to stay safe and be cautious while still being able to enjoy the beauty of the Levee. Several colorful hexagons have been painted onto the cement to ensure everyone stays a six-foot distance. This way, guidelines are followed and attractive pops of color are added throughout the scene. Nearer to the restaurants are hexagonal stickers that remind you to stay your distance while looking out across the river.

“The rules around public gatherings have certainly changed, but we believe the act of being together and communing is an important human experience that we are craving now more than ever. Bridgeview Box Park is uniquely positioned to be that casual gathering place where you come with friends and responsibly enjoy the community in which you live,” said Tim Perry, managing partner at NAP.

Whether it’s live music, delicious food, breathtaking views or artisan goods, this new development on the Levee has something for everyone. The Bridgeview Box Park is the perfect place to come escape the busyness of everyday life, while kicking back and taking in the local sights and sounds of the city.

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