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KCADV successful Shop & Share fundraiser: $256,050 in donations to domestic violence shelters

The 11th Annual Shop & Share Fundraiser last month gave shoppers an opportunity to purchase and share necessary items with their local domestic violence program.

Kentuckians supported 15 domestic violence programs with $296,050 in donated supplied and funds.

All Kroger stores across Kentucky participate every year, as well as Food City, Super Dollar, and some IGA and Save-a-Lot stores. In all, 116 stores participated, resulting in the total amount raised throughout the history of the event to over $5.3 million.
“Kroger is honored to have again been able to participate in Shop & Share with the KCADV. Our customers are incredibly generous and take so much joy in giving back to their communities. The First Lady is a passionate and dedicated leader, and we look forward to continuing to grow our partnership,” said Erin Grant, Kroger Corporate Affairs Manager.

The Shop & Share program was initiated by former First Lady Jane Beshear, and now First Lady Britainy Beshear continues to support this important partnership. The First Lady stated, “Our administration is dedicated to providing services to survivors of domestic violence and to raising awareness of the issue throughout the Commonwealth, and Shop & Share does that every year. It was an honor to be a part of making this year successful, and I look forward to continuing the tradition in the years to come. Thank you to KCADV and Kroger for their continued partnership with our office for Shop & Share.”
Supporting the collection effort were other partners including Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council, General Federation of Women’s Clubs, and Kentucky’s Drug Court.
All goods donated during the fundraising drive go to KCADV’s 15 member programs. These donations allow KCADV programs to spend more of their operating budgets on services for the women, men, and children in Kentucky who seek help in rebuilding their lives after facing domestic abuse.

KCADV CEO stated, “It’s not the quantity of items received that has the most impact, but rather the coming together of a community of people of all races, faiths, ages, and genders saying that domestic violence is not our way of life and we want to be a part of the solution. If we are going to change social norms about healthy versus harmful relationships, it has to start with each Kentuckian and Shop & Share is the perfect venue for this to happen.”
Each year, KCADV programs provide more than 4,500 survivors and their children with emergency shelter and transitional housing. The programs also provide non-residential services to more than 22,000 survivors and their children.
Those wishing to help after the event are encouraged to donate to their local domestic violence program. Learn more about Kentucky’s domestic violence programs at KCADV.org.

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