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Owenton man wins $225,000 on Kentucky Lottery Cash Ball, wife had to see it to believe it

An Owenton man, who wished to remain anonymous, stepped forward yesterday after discovering he was holding a Cash Ball 225 ticket worth $225,000.

His winning ticket matched the four white ball numbers and the Cash Ball to win the game’s top prize from the October 26th drawing. (Line D on his ticket).

He checked his ticket Sunday morning by calling the lottery’s winning numbers hotline.  After seeing his numbers matched, he said to himself, ‘Okay, I’ve done it.’

His wife told lottery officials that her husband doesn’t usually show much excitement.

“I was out feeding the cattle for an hour and he didn’t come right out to tell me,” his wife said.  “If that had been me, I couldn’t have waited to tell.  I’d been running out there.”

She walked in the house and he said, “Look at these numbers.”  

“I didn’t have my glasses on, so I was squinting as I looked at it, she told lottery officials.  “You’ve got four numbers and the number 10 Cash Ball,” she told him.    

“No, look again, he said.  It’s the number 19 Cash Ball number that I matched.” 

His wife had mistaken the number 19 for the number 10.

She told lottery officials that while it looked good, she had to go check it at a store.  “Oh my lord, he’s right,” she said after it was scanned.  

The Owen County man walked out of lottery headquarters with a check for $159,768.46, after taxes.  He had won an additional $26 from other drawings on his multi-draw ticket.  

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