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Kenton Fiscal Court launching ‘Road Reporter’ to allow citizens to report road maintenance issues

Kenton County Fiscal Court is partnering with Planning and Development Services’ (PDS) LINK-GIS to launch “Road Reporter,” a web-based survey form that allows residents to report road maintenance issues. Using GIS technology, the system is able to properly route the identified issue to the appropriate agency.

“There are twenty-three different government agencies responsible for maintaining roadways in Kenton County,” said Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann.

“This can result in significant frustration for residents simply trying to direct complaints to the appropriate person. The Road Reporter platform takes out all of the guesswork and makes it easy for residents to report problems.”

Residents can visit this site to report a road issue either on their mobile device or desktop computer. The form prompts residents to describe the issue, identify the location, provide a photo (or other pertinent information) if available, and then submit the form. The information submitted is then routed to whichever agency is responsible for maintaining that road.

“It’s not reasonable to expect residents to know who is responsible for maintaining every road in Kenton County, and it’s inefficient for every city to offer an automated system for citizen reporting,” said Knochelmann. “This is a great example of one way in which county government can make things easier for all involved.”

“Road Reporter demonstrates the power of collaboration between government agencies to streamline services for our residents,” said Dennis Gordon, Planning & Development Services Executive Director. “PDS has a long history of using GIS technology to develop solutions to regional problems. Partnering with Kenton County Fiscal Court to address road safety is a natural extension of our mission.”

For questions regarding the Road Reporter tool, residents may contact Jessica Ramsey, Kenton County Fiscal Court, at (859) 392-1400 or Christy Powell, PDS/LINK-GIS

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