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Fancy Farm: Attorney General candidates Cameron, Stumbo show off some fancy speaking too

By Tom Latek
Kentucky Today

FANCY FARM, Ky. (KT) — Fireworks were not limited to gubernatorial candidates at the Fancy Farm Picnic and political speaking event on Saturday. 

The candidates for attorney general also got some good licks in on each other.

Republican Daniel Cameron took his Democratic opponent Greg Stumbo to task on a number of issues. 

Attorney General candidates: Cameron and Greg Stumbo. (Tom Latek, Kentucky Today)

“Greg Stumbo has repeatedly blocked pro-life legislation. He’s even tried to give out illegal drivers licenses here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and he has become a taxpayer-funded millionaire by giving himself a secret pension,” Cameron said.

“No, Greg, we are not making a re-boot of you as attorney general, your time on the street has passed and we are looking for a new franchise.”

Cameron said just because something has been around for a long time, does not make it right.

“Greg Stumbo is like the milk you have in the back of your refrigerator. This carton has been spoiling for over 30 years, and folks, when you open it up it smells terrible.”

He also referred to a meeting in the White House with President Trump, who has endorsed him over Stumbo’s bid for the office. 

“We talked about liberal politicians like Greg Stumbo who want open borders and sanctuary policies. One of the best ways to make Kentucky and America great again is to permanently retire Greg Stumbo from public life.”

Cameron vowed not to use the attorney general’s office as a stepping-stone for a higher office, noting four previous AGs have run for governor, unsuccessfully: “I’m running for attorney general and nothing else.” 

Stumbo told a story about becoming lost in a Republican stronghold in Kentucky and stopping at a local store to get directions. He said the woman at the store said they don’t get Democrats in here, and if he would be willing to talk to them.

“She went out and got some folks who live behind the store,” he said. “All they had back there was a pile of horse manure and they put a pallet on top of it. I climbed up there and I said this, ‘I’ve given a lot of speeches in a lot of different places, to a lot of different folks. But I’ve never given a Democratic speech from a Republican platform before.’”

Stumbo also talked about how great Fancy Farm is.

“It brings Mitch back to Russia, Daniel back from Washington, so they can visit Kentucky for a while.”

Stumbo said he would bring back the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation, which he created during his previous time in office. “Because you have got the most corrupt administration under Matt Bevin that we’ve seen in Frankfort in God knows how long in our history.”

Stumbo also took a potshot at his opponent’s relative youth.

“The attorney general’s office is always open to children. We love it when they come to see the office. But Daniel, we don’t let children run the thing.”

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