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St. Vincent de Paul’s Summer Breeze Program provides fans to those needing help with heat

St. Vincent de Paul Northern Kentucky’s annual Summer Breeze Program is underway.

Through this program, St. Vincent de Paul provides fans to neighbors in need coping with the heat and humidity, and air conditioning units to those with a documented medical condition.
Each year, many in Northern Kentucky are at risk from the high temperatures, especially in July and August. The heat can be unbearable for people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma or COPD. The temperatures in July and August of 2018 were an average of 88 degrees and according to the AccuWeather website they are expecting the same for 2019!

The summer heat is especially rough for seniors.
Last summer, John was receiving chemotherapy treatment for Stage 3 lung cancer. Breathing comfortably became a challenge while living in his trailer with no air conditioning. Since he could not afford to purchase an A/C unit, St. Vincent de Paul provided one for him.

“It has meant so much to be able to breathe easier and rest comfortably while undergoing chemo,” John said. “Thank you so much for helping me during this difficult time.”
In 2017-18, SVdP provided 320 air conditioners and fans to those in need. Each year, SVdP tries to plan for the resources necessary to meet the demand as best they can.

Karen Zengel, Executive Director, said, “The safety and health of our struggling neighbors are at risk in the heat and humidity of the summer and sometimes there is no escape from these often dangerous summer weather conditions. The generosity of our community makes it possible for SVdP to provide that relief. We are here to help and are grateful to those who make it possible.”
St. Vincent is the only organization that annually operates a heat relief program in the NKY area. The program runs through September.

Those needing a fan or air conditioner are asked to call St. Vincent’s assistance line at (859) 341-3219, Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. To support this heat relief program, SVdP is accepting donations of fans, air conditioners and financial assistance to help purchase A/C units. Donate at this website.

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