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KYTC closing Roebling Bridge to vehicular traffic until further notice; fragments fell from north tower

KYTC has advised motorists the John A. Roebling Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning today at 4 p.m. until further notice.

The eastbound sidewalk will be closed while the westbound sidewalk will remain open to pedestrians.

The closure is safety precaution after sandstone fragments broke from the east side of the north tower yesterday.

Closing the Roebling Bridge is necessary to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians from the potential of additional falling debris at a height of nearly eighty feet, KYTC said.

Pedestrians and motorists are urged to respect the barriers.

KYTC officials will evaluate the structure to determine repair options to allow the safe reopening of the 152-year-old bridge to traffic as soon as possible.

Performing emergency repairs to the historic bridge is a more extensive process than traditional bridge repairs due to preservation requirements.

A restoration project addressing routine maintenance, including repairs to the sandstone towers, is currently in the design phase with construction estimated to start in the spring of 2020.


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  1. Tom Miller says:

    If the new Brent Spence Bridge is tolled, the Suspension Bridge will, sooner rather than later, crumple into the Ohio River under the weight of the large increase of cars whose drivers will be unwilling to pay tolls for what is a federal highway. Brent Spence replacement should be paid in large part via our federal taxes. Say NO to tolls.

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