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Candidates: Greta Hoffman Walker wants to be Family Court Judge for Boone and Gallatin counties

(NOTE: The NKyTribune is offering free space to candidates in contested races – 500-750 words sent to nkytribune.com by Nov. 1. None will be published after Nov. 4)

On Nov. 6, the people of Boone and Gallatin Counties will have the opportunity to select their next Family Court Judge. One judge has managed all family court cases in both counties for nearly 20 years. Population growth — combined with impact of the heroin/opioid epidemic — has overwhelmed this court’s docket, causing scheduling delays of several months. To alleviate this problem, Kentucky approved funding for a second Family Court Judge in our community. Six candidates are now vying for your vote.

In 2017, 1,772 cases were filed in Boone Family Court, of which:

 47% were juvenile cases, including child abuse and neglect claims resulting in emergency custody orders
 38 % divorce, paternity, and custody cases
 8 % domestic violence cases
 5 % adoption cases
 2 % other cases

During the same year, in Gallatin County, 314 cases were filed in Family Court as follows:

 71 % juvenile cases
 14 % divorce, paternity, and custody cases
 13 % domestic violence cases
 2 % adoption/other cases

Greta Hoffman Walker

The majority of these cases involve custody issues, so the best candidate would be someone with a strong background in custody and divorce work, but how does a voter verify a candidate’s past work experience? Most candidates have campaign websites and social media pages that share with you what those candidates want you to know.

However, when all candidates portray themselves as experienced and knowledgeable in the area of family law, how can you truly find out who is the most experienced candidate? Simply do a Google search of each candidate’s name. You will find the candidate’s campaign website, and links to their business websites, business listings, and client reviews. If you can’t find anything in your search related to family law, then that should tell you something about that candidate.

While all candidates in this race have some experience in family law, I am the ONLY candidate who has focused her law practice primarily on divorce and custody cases. For the last 16 years, I have represented clients in every courthouse in Northern Kentucky in all areas of family law, but primarily in divorce and custody cases. I also have served as guardian ad litem, mediator, and warning order attorney in family-law matters. I have represented men, women, parents, grandparents, children, disabled persons, prisoners, and addicts. I have earned a reputation as a strong advocate for my clients, but I am also known for honesty and fairness.

In addition to my extensive legal knowledge in family law, my life experiences enhance my ability to be a good judge. I became a single parent in college. I worked my way through college at NKU and graduated in 1990. I worked in a management-training program until I entered law school in 1993. I married my first husband in 1994. After obtaining my law license in 1996, I opened a business managing small law firms which I sold in 1998 in order to be a stay-at-home mom to my soon-to-be-born son and to relocate with my husband’s job. Instead, I ended up divorced. To regain my sense of well-being, I went back to school for a technology degree and worked a couple of jobs in law office management before restarting my legal career in 2002. I worked with my father and my sister at The Hoffman Firm in Elsmere. In 2008, I started my own law firm — Greta Hoffman & Associates — where I have focused primarily on family law, especially divorce and custody matters.

I married my second husband, Chris Walker, in 2010. Together, we have four children: Jemima and Stuart Walker, Jennifer Lichtefeld, and Nate Hoffman; and five grandchildren, Chloe, Olivia, and Liliana Walker, and Evelynn and Jack Lichtefeld.

My parents taught me the importance of serving my community. In addition to serving as a pro-bono attorney for 16 years, I have served on the board for the Brighton Center, NKCAC, and Family Promise. I’ve served on Site Base Council, volunteered for my children’s sports teams, and participated in various civic and religious events throughout my life.

I chose to run for the position of Family Court Judge because the people of Boone and Gallatin Counties deserve a judge with strong experience in family law matters as well as a solid understanding of the difficulties people face in dealing with the circumstances that bring them to this court.

For these reasons, I ask that you please vote for me, Greta Hoffman Walker, as your Family Court Judge on Nov. 6.

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