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Voices of Brighton Center: Mia speaks out about how the NKY Scholar House has changed her life

This is Mia’s story, in her own words, about the life-changing opportunity she has experienced for herself and her daughter. She has a scholarship at NKU, a home with support services at NKY Scholar House, and hope for a brighter future:

I had my daughter at 16. Even though she changed my life for the better, it was a struggle. I lost friends, fought battles, was judged by many, but one thing I knew, I didn’t want to become another statistic. I had to break the odds that were against me. I didn’t think I could ever make it on my own, but I am here doing it. I am unbreakable right now.


I heard about Northern Kentucky Scholar House through my high school’s daycare. I wanted to go to college and create a life for my daughter, but working, taking care of a toddler, and attending classes just didn’t seem reasonable for me to accomplish. I received a full scholarship through Northern Kentucky University my senior year of high school and I didn’t think I was even going to be able to use it.

After hearing about Northern Kentucky Scholar House I gained hope. I decided to apply; what could it hurt? A few months later, I received an interview and moved in October 2016.

The transition to living alone with my daughter at 18 was hard. I had so many obstacles that I was juggling. Accompanying all that, I was in the middle of my first semester in college. My grades started to plummet. I was determined to make it though, I had to. Eventually, to get back on my feet, I had to sit down and work out a set schedule or I would lose my scholarship.

I am now a sophomore in college and I have been living at Northern Kentucky Scholar House for a year. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from this program. It really is amazing and they wish nothing but success. I have learned that I can be independent. I have learned to budget and save money, how to pay bills, and take care of my responsibilities. I have structure. And most of all, I have a chance to attend college.

Early Scholars Child Development Center has helped provide stability to my daughter as well. It has helped her grow, learn, change, and be a kid. I have the ability with this on-site daycare to take my daughter when I have homework, class, or when I have tutoring and pick her up when I am finished.

My parents have their own lives and they can’t just drop everything to watch my daughter for me. Brighton Center’s Northern Kentucky Scholar House has enabled me to put my best foot forward and provide support along the way.

The self-achievement that I am most proud of is getting my scholarship. I had no idea how I was going to school; I didn’t even know I could go to school. My high school teacher persistently stressed the importance of scholarships and I thank her every day for pushing me to receive this.

You just have to have faith in yourself or you will never get anything. If it wasn’t for the scholarship, I don’t think I would be able to stay in college and I wouldn’t have this opportunity at Northern Kentucky Scholar House to build myself up for my daughter and break those barriers.

My hopes and dreams after I graduate are to work as a director in the medical field and move up as executive director. I want to buy a house where my daughter can have stability, send her to school in a good school district, and know she has a home to come to after. I want to make sure my child has the stuff that I never had as a kid. None of this would be possible without Northern Kentucky Scholar House.

A message that I would send out to those looking for help is to apply, call, and reach out. They offer numerous ways to help and are always there no matter what. They want you to succeed, and they have helped me do just that.

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