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Magnified Giving honors founder Roger Grein’s 75th birthday, celebrating 10 years of student philanthropy

Magnified Giving, a local nonprofit whose mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in life-long philanthropy, celebrated its founder, Roger Grein’s 75th birthday with a party recently.

Roger’s birthday party was held at Magnified Giving Board Member Drew Myers. Drew and Kim Myer’s home in Hyde Park was a beautiful location for this celebration and the guest list included Magnified Giving’s board members, their spouses, and Roger’s Circle of Donors.

As a birthday present, Roger received his very own personalized bobblehead. As a Red’s bobblehead collector with over 300 bobbleheads in his collection, this was the perfect gift.

Magnified Giving’s Executive Director, Kelly Collison, presented Roger with his gift at the party by saying, “Every champion has one of these, you are our champion and the champion to many whom you may never meet. Now you have your own bobblehead!”

This year marks yet another milestone for Magnified Giving as it is their 10-year anniversary. Along with celebrating Roger’s 75th birthday, the party also served as a kickoff for Magnified Giving’s 10th year of educating students in youth philanthropy and serving those in need. Over the past 10 years, Magnified Giving’s Student Philanthropy Program has grown tremendously from only having 8 schools awarding $8,000 to local charities in 2008 to 81 schools awarding $134,446 this past school year.

In total, $542,465 has been awarded through grants to community charities by students in Magnified Giving programs over the past 10 years. More than 15,500 high school and middle school students have directly participated in the Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Educational Program. Magnified Giving has seen tremendous growth over the past 10 years and is excited to continue teaching the youth in our community the importance of helping others and giving back for years to come.

Donors support Magnified Giving and the mission of youth philanthropy by making financial gifts and allowing the participating students the opportunity to use their time and talents to research, volunteer, interview, present and persuade pthers in the art of grantmaking. By doing so, the donors empower the next generation to make wise and informed decisions about using their personal gifts as treasure to serve local charities who are in turn serving people in need in our communities.

“This is a dream come true”, said Roger Grein. “This started with a thought of having students help me decide who I should make my philanthropic gifts to and it has become over 3500 7th-12th graders every year learning how this all works! They have their hearts and minds opened. I am grateful to all who understand the importance of teaching kids how to give in meaningful ways.”

Magnified Giving is a 501(C)3 educational organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, with partner schools in greater Cincinnati, central Ohio, northeast Ohio, and Northern Kentucky.

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