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Catalytic Fund’s Beyond the Curb will take you to charming, historic Ludlow on October 9

Beyond the Curb, an initiative of The Catalytic Fund, will take you to Ludlow on Sunday October 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Register at 301 Elm

Register at 301 Elm

The City of Ludlow, Kentucky is a picturesque river town nestled at the base of forested hills. The community is known for its strong neighborhood school system, beautiful old brick homes and the historic Ludlow Lagoon. In years past, Ludlow could have been described as sleepy, but the town has decidedly experienced an awakening in recent years. This isn’t the Ludlow you probably remember.

The renaissance started with an influx of creative people. A number of architects, interior designers and artists call Ludlow home, filling their homes and the town itself with energy. There’s a movement of shopkeepers who have opened coffee shops, a tavern and other businesses on the main thoroughfare, Elm Street. Some are living in the cool second story spaces above.

See more about the opportunities to see Ludlow Beyond the Curb here.

Beyond the Curb is a series of one-day self-guided urban living tours throughout Northern Kentucky’s river cities of Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky. The goal to encourage urban living in Northern Kentucky’s river cities by showcasing the wide array of residential product types and amenities available here!


The series is a rare opportunity to explore the interiors of several residential and commercial properties in various neighborhoods in each River City. The tours showcase a variety of properties: apartments,  condominiums, historic mansions and single-family residences throughout Northern Kentucky’s eclectic urban neighborhoods.

Guests will also experience the urban lifestyle as they discover convenient amenities, local businesses, and the strong sense of community that exists in Northern Kentucky’s river towns. And you’ll see the pride and dedication local residents have toward their communities – as neighbors turn out to volunteer in all of our featured properties!

Beyond the Curb offers something for everyone, from young professionals to empty nesters, as well as those interested in historic preservation, interior design, and most importantly:  URBAN LIVING!


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