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Highlands High School basketball team reaches out to the community by volunteering at Hosea House

By Michael Ayers
NKyTribune intern

The Highlands High School Varsity boys basketball team will volunteer at the Henry Hosea House Tuesday and food, support and positive energy will be a part of the recipe on this special evening.

Henry Hosea House

“We want our players to be involved citizens in the community,” said Kevin Listerman, head of coach of Highlands boys basketball team.

Listerman has coached at Highlands for 5 years now and enjoys service community projects and giving back to the community. “It’s really a win, win situation for us,” said Listerman.

The basketball team will complete a variety of jobs including: serving food, serving drinks, wiping down tables, spot sweeping the floor, putting dishes in the dishwasher, and helping out any way possible.

Guests for the evening will include children, adults and senior citizens who need a warm meal. Many are hard-working who do not make enough money to pay rent and pay for meals as well. Many guests include grandparents who are raising their grandchildren on a fixed income.

“For my part I can’t tell you how proud I am of our student body and the adults who work hard to develop them as people. The service that the boys’ basketball team is a great example of the work our coaches do to remind our players that there is so much more to being a Bluebird than just developing as athletes.” Said Brian Robinson, Principal of Highlands High School.

Highlands Boys Varsity Basketball team

The soccer and basketball teams are gathering canned goods donated by campers. The football team also collected canned goods at its recently completed camp.

The camp schedules are below:
Basketball camp: June 12-15th
Soccer camp: June 20-23rd

On the last day of each camp, campers are encouraged to bring any sort of canned goods to camp. The goods will be hand delivered to the Henry Hosea House for those in need.

Highlands and the Henry Hosea House have developed a strong rapport due to the efforts of two Highland coaches, said Carl Schoellman, 2018 student body president. Director of Pallet Racking, Kevin Orme and Systems Furniture Sales Manager, Scott Blasingame, work for Hosea Project Movers (HPM) and coach at Highlands High school.

The Highland High School coaching staff hopes to plant seeds of benevolence for these teammates as they mature.

The belief is that teenagers are more likely to become benevolent adults if they “break the ice” as youths and will remember that it isn’t scary to help others less fortunate, and can be fun when done with friends.

To learn more about the Henry Hosea House or to donate for those in need, click here.

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