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SmartHealthToday: Workout with the family while making a life-saving difference in May 20 HeartChase

By Dianne Gebhardt-French

Run, volunteer or pledge money. It’s not too early to get involved in the May 20 HeartChase starting at Newport on the Levee.

Think “The Amazing Race” meets “Minute to Win It” – with all the fun enhanced by mobile apps on your smart phone and fun competition at every turn.

The message is simple: Heart disease, the nation’s number one killer, is preventable in many cases. Changes in diet and exercise make a life-saving difference.

Bring the family to Newport on the Levee for a fun and interactive workout

Fun for the entire family

This is no simple obstacle course. At one checkpoint, teams of two to five people will answer three questions on heart health before balancing a ball while navigating obstacles. Whew. On to arranging a series of food items based on how fast they release sugar into the blood stream but not before the team carries kettle bells up seven flights of stairs while others maintain a plank position. Good times.

Don’t worry, the most physically challenging obstacles aren’t mandatory.

All told, there are 10 checkpoint challenges and countless ways to raise money in fun ways to promote heart health.

Teams are forming now for the event sponsored by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association. To get in on the action, click here.

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