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Uniting NKY in Regional Wellness Challenge to lose weight, get fit, win cash — compete in teams of five

HealthyWage is offering a new region-wide contest to encourage residents to lose weight.

The contest – called Get Healthy to Win Big– encourages participants with weekly nutrition and fitness tips as well as challenges.

Teams of five will compete for the greatest percentage of weight lost from January 9 through April 3. 


Participants can win cash prizes funded independently and guaranteed by HealthyWage. The top-performing team will win $10,000; second place will win $5,000; and third place will win $3,000. 

With more than 35 percent of all Kentucky adults reported to be obese and far more classified as overweight, coupled with Kentucky’s estimated annual medical cost of obesity at more than $2 billion, wellness initiatives that will impact the region at large are needed.

To help Northern Kentucky residents get healthy and fit, the contest will use unique, proven tools developed by HealthyWage.

Get Healthy to Win Big includes weekly social media mini-contests that will engage the community virtually by encouraging participants to share photos, videos, and vignettes on a weekly basis.

Each participant pays a $70 registration fee and weighs in at the beginning and end of the contest. During the contest, participants receive content from HealthyWage and weekly challenges designed to help the participants stay motivated and maximize their weight-loss success during the contest period. 

In addition, contest participants will qualify for additional prizes if they keep their weight off after six months.


HealthyWage is providing a full reimbursement of the participant entry fee if they lose 10% of their starting weight six months after the end of the challenge.

“Our financial incentive-based approach to motivate weight loss is proven effective,” says HealthyWage co-founder David Roddenberry. “In fact, participants in previous financial compensation-based HealthyWage team contests have lost on average 5% of their body weight. Like other contests throughout the United States, this Northern Kentucky program will be a fun and effective way to mobilize the community around health and wellness.”

Those interested in learning more and registering for Get Healthy to Win Big may do so online at www.gethealthytowinbig.com

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  1. Emily says:

    Great and inspiring challenge, I’ve been trying to lose weight for years and now I am almost 39 it’s getting harder and harder to lose it. In it just seems to be creeping up slowly and I am also worried that I could develop diabetes because of my weight. I was actually getting a little desperate trying to find some kind of diet or program that works long term when I found out from a friend that yoga does wonders when it comes to weight loss, I got a special Yoga course because I worked all time and had no time for a gym membership. It’s early days still but I have started to see the weight come off. I started at 222lbs and my weight is 202lbs, It’s only been 1 month which is something that I never experienced and I’m so happy because of it, I have to admit I’m still a little bit of a shock since I have tried and failed so many conventional diets and other stuff. My body feels much better and I’m also mentally a different person because of that yoga course and practicing it everyday.

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