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The NKyTribune, a publication of the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism, is a nonprofit public service online newspaper serving the Northern Kentucky counties of Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties. The Tribune is a full-service, 24/7 online newspaper focusing on the news and features important to the region. We provide free access, free consumer classifieds, free legal classifieds, obituaries, school news, local and state government news, prep sports, business news, health news, nonprofit news, a platform for the exchange of ideas and civil discourse — and honest, ethical and professional reporting. We are nonpartisan, we live here, and we love our community. We aren’t perfect but nobody tries harder to give our region the newspaper it deserves. We are approaching the end of our third year, thanks to the businesses and organizations that have supported the work. Now, we are ready to grow — more reporters, even more and deeper local content — by engaging a solid reader network of individuals to join us in sustaining this effort. We believe that good journalism IS inherently a public service and that a democracy is made better by informed, engaged and caring citizens. We are grateful for your support.

The NKyTribune is pleased to be part of the NewsMatch campaign, funded by three major national foundations, aimed at encouraging individuals in communities served by quality nonprofit, independent news to support and sustain those news sites. From now until the end of the year, ANY donation to NKyTribune will be MATCHED up to $1000 per donation. We are proud to have been chosen for the match, we are proud to serve you and we are grateful for your support.

The work we do does come at a financial cost. And we need more quality reporters and editors to do an even better job for you. In the end, the NKyTribune belongs to the community. Please support us in any way you can so that we can sustain it long into the future.

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