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‘The World of Bricks: The Art of Jonathan Lopes’ opens today at Newport on Levee; artist on hand

“The World of Bricks: The Art of Jonathan Lopes” will open today 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. at Newport on the Levee.

The artist will be on hand during the opening event to meet aspiring LEGO artists and fans of all ages.

Until Dec. 29, guests can visit the exhibit and view art made completely from LEGO bricks, including Vanishing Brooklyn. Exhibit categories include the Architecture of America, Storytime, Interpretive Art and an interactive building area (featuring a brick pit, race ramps and buildable cityscapes).

The exhibit is perfect for all ages to enjoy. Tickets for ages 2-and-up are $8 per person, and specials will be available on Groupon.

Lopes is a renowned San Diego artist and creative who works with LEGO bricks. He focuses on a variety of genres including urban landscapes, conceptual art and life-sized sculptures.

He is famous for his realistic and gritty urban scenes.

Lopes has been the featured artist appearing at all BrickUniverse Conventions reaching more than 100,000 people and displaying upward of 30 pieces at each event. Additionally, Lopes’ work has been on display in museums, galleries, exhibits and events in numerous cities around the country.

Selections of Lopes’ work are permanently placed at The Morris Museum and other installations. Other well known works include “Vanishing Brooklyn” and a 12-foot long replica of New York City’s Manhattan Bridge in addition to a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater – complete with a pump and running water.

On the topic of “Vanishing Brooklyn,” Lopes said, “I like to keep the thought and ideal of historic preservation in our current dialog. I do believe there is room for buildings of all styles, eras and types — and not at the expense of one another.

Jonathan Lopes

“In my travels, I am pleased to see that many cities have now embraced the concept of maintaining older buildings while updating the inner and upper structures with modern style and efficiencies.”

This will be the first time that the full World of Bricks collection has been in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Lopes’ collection is especially relevant today with the local resurgence of urban areas such as Over-the-Rhine and Newport and Covington. The LEGO artworks have a distinct urban feel that will be of interest to design pros, urban fans, architects, preservationists and trend setters in addition to children.

More examples of Jonathan Lopes’ work:

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