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New chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby formed in Northern Kentucky; Jim Vogt heads the group

The newly released Climate Science Special Report stated that “the planet is now the warmest it’s been in the history of modern civilization.”

A group called Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) wants to empower citizens to connect with and influence members of Congress with the best solution to this issue.

Formed 10 years ago, CCL is a non-profit, non-partisan group that promotes a solution that scientists and economists alike can agree upon: a carbon fee and dividend.

New chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (Photo provided)

Correcting the market to place a fee on carbon will help stimulate investment in alternative-energy technologies and give all businesses powerful incentives to increase their energy-efficiency. And then returning the fee collections directly to all American households to help with their transition, the carbon fee and dividend is a simple, revenue-neutral solution to boosting our economy.

The 2013 REMI report showed the proposed carbon fee and dividend adds 2.8 million jobs, boosts GDP $85 billion, prevents over 200,000 premature deaths, and reduces green house gas emissions 50 percent in the first 20 years.

All without growing the government.

CCL has had a Cincinnati Chapter since November 2012. Some Northern Kentucky residents have participated in that chapter but just this fall, there was enough interest to organize a separate Northern Kentucky chapter.

The two chapters will still work together on many activities that affect the Greater Cincinnati area but will work independently on issues specific to their respective states.

Jim Vogt, head of the newly formed NKY CCL chapter, welcomed 15 new members to CCL from the NKY region. These members have been through the initial CCL training and are looking forward to working within the community.

To learn more about CCL, please visit the website or contact Jim Vogt at jimvogt2@yahoo.com.

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  1. Hassan Mohajer says:

    If we start a discussion on solutions to climate change, soon it will lead us to “WO2016073636” technology which is about an electric vehicle or wings that converts higher altitude wind energy into electricity, charging its own battery and the grid while it is parked in the sky. And soon we would be the leader to fight climate change.

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