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Jason Glass: KDE will continue to support LGBTQIA+ young people despite legislature’s approval of SB150

Last week, the Kentucky General Assembly rushed to pass Senate Bill 150, a sweeping and harmful piece of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation.

Kentucky has real educational challenges that need the legislature’s attention. These include meaningful solutions to our educator and staff shortages, support to continue our academic recovery from the pandemic, funding stabilization due to ongoing health-related absences (COVID-19, RSV and flu), as well as urgent funding needs in growing school districts.

But instead of addressing the real issues impacting our schools, the legislature expended its time and energy on this stitched-together bill, taking aim directly at LGBTQIA+ people.

Jason Glass

The bill contains provisions that will put our young people at risk, have the government interfere with decisions between doctors, patients and families and puts Kentucky at the front of a series of similar hateful, ignorant and shameful efforts around the country.

These kinds of laws are often put in place when there is (effectively) a one-party government. Minority and marginalized groups are frequently targeted, demonized and persecuted – fueling more of the misplaced rage and ‘anger-tainment-based’ politics that makes it nearly impossible for Kentucky to live up to our state motto of “United We Stand.”

The Kentucky legislature is following a terrifying, but sadly well-trodden path. In the long run, history does not reflect well on such regimes. And in the short run, we should all be concerned about who will be their next target.

To LGBTQIA+ people and youth in Kentucky – we see you, we love you and we will continue to protect you from bullying and bigotry. In times like these, we all must find the courage to steady ourselves and be as brave as possible.

To that end, I am pleased to announce that this fall, the Kentucky Department of Education will be holding a summit in support of LGBTQIA+ people and youth. More details will be forthcoming. Our focus will be on resilience, connection and hope.

Jason Glass is commissioner (and “chief learner”) of the Kentucky Department of Education.

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  1. Tammy Weidinger says:

    Bravo Jason Glass! I am relieved to hear that our schools will not be shunning our LGBTQIA+ people and youth. Support, facts, understanding- these are what our youth need to navigate their emotions and feelings about their bodies and gender. You are not alone.

  2. Jamie says:

    All humans deserve dignity and all human life should be valued, regardless of how anyone feels.

    That’s the point, feelings are whimsical and should not be the basis of permanent changes in juveniles. All members of our society should be valued, but we must not confuse recognizing someone’s feelings over the truth about their body/gender.

    All children go through tough identity challenges as they grow up, some tougher than others. Affirming delusional feelings of a juvenile should be criminal.If, after maturation, someone wants to act in nontraditional ways, then so be it, it’s a free country.

  3. Kimberly Kennedy says:

    Just, thank you, Dr. Glass!

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