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Former GOP officials, including Trey Grayson, heard in radio ads urging no override of SB 150 veto

Fairness Campaign on Monday launched statewide radio ads on 90 iHeartRadio stations featuring two prominent Republicans opposed to Senate Bill 150, former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson of NKY, now an attorney, and former State Representative Bob Heleringer.

The ads will run through Tuesday, ahead of the Kentucky General Assembly’s final two days March 29 and 30 to consider overriding governor vetoes.

Governor Andy Beshear issued a strongly-worded veto message against Senate Bill 150 last Friday after the legislature scrambled to pass one of the strictest anti-trans bills in the nation in its final hours before the veto period.

Senate Bill 150 would ban transgender kids from accessing gender-affirming medical care, allow teachers and school administrators to disrespect transgender students by using incorrect names and pronouns, force transgender students to use specific restrooms and school facilities and censor the teaching of LGBTQ identity and topics at all grade levels in Kentucky public schools.

Listen to Trey Grayson radio ad


Grayson radio ad text:

I’m Republican former Secretary of State Trey Grayson and I represent the Fairness Campaign. I’m a conservative who can’t believe state lawmakers are working in the final days to take rights away from Kentucky parents with Senate Bill 150. They want to overrule parents and doctors when it comes to care for transgender kids. Join me in asking your state senator and representative to oppose Senate Bill 150 and preserve parents’ rights. Visit Fairness.org/ActNow.

Listen to Bob Heleringer radio ad


Heleringer radio ad text:

This is former State Representative Bob Heleringer. I’m a Republican that served 23 years in Frankfort. Did we wait almost a century to get the majority just to wage an all-out war against defenseless transgender children? Wow! What a bad look for the party of Abraham Lincoln. I’m asking my former colleagues to speak out against Senate Bill 150 or any bill that discriminates against anybody. Let’s treat all God’s children with “malice toward none and charity for all.”

Fairness Campaign

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  1. Donnie Wilkerson says:

    Completely on target comments by both leaders! Thank goodness for some voice of reason coming from the “Grand Old Party”! SB 150 is a travesty and should fill every Kentuckian with shame to be in anyway associated with it. Urge your state legislators to oppose this horrible bill by sustaining the Governor’s very appropriate veto!

  2. W. Jamie Ruehl says:

    So Trey Grayson is in favor of teaching K-5th grade about sexual identity?

    Sexualizing our young is offensive to any person who cares for the well-being of children.

  3. Carol Aquino says:

    Thank you to the Fairness Campaign, Secretary Grayson and Representative Heleringer for this important advocacy message. Thank you, NKY Tribune, for sharing this story. It matters.

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