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She’s cancer free (and ringing bell) at Ft. Thomas St. E’s; Gary Jeff Walker temporarily speechless

By Andy Furman
NKyTribune reporter

Gary Jeff Walker was – well – let’s say it.


That in itself is a rarity.

Gary Jeff Walker talks for a living.

Behind a microphone.

At night (9-to midnight) on 700-WLW – and Saturday mornings.

Nope, he’s not at all shy.

But he was at a loss for words Monday – which was probably a first.

He was speechless.

That’s because his wife Krista – after some 20 radiation treatments for breast cancer rang the bell at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Ft. Thomas.

That bell was the only sound anyone heard.

“I waited a long time for that noise,” the 62-year-old Gary Jeff, a resident of Southgate told the Northern Kentucky Tribune.

Krista was making her own noise.

“I’ve been as giddy as a school girl,” she said, “I hardly even slept Sunday night.”
She was diagnosed with a lump on her breast after her first – and only – mammogram back in December.

“Yup,” she admitted, “I never had a mammogram prior, but my doctor found a lump and the process of radiation started.”

She said it was about 20 sessions – lasting five to 10 minutes – during the week.

“The radiation treatment,” she said, “was done in Ft. Thomas.”

Her radiologist – Dr. Huth – and surgeon – Dr. Gunther – have been nothing short of amazing, she said.

“They treated me like a member of their family,” she said, “and that goes for the doctors and staff at Edgewood and Ft. Thomas.

Krista Walker, cancer free

“They were kind, considerate, caring as well as loving,” she said.

That’s quite the compliment.

Krista said she had her surgery at St. Elizabeth, Edgewood and radiation treatments at the Ft. Thomas location.

“I have to go back for a checkup the beginning of February,” she said, “to see if the tissue is healing properly from the radiation. Then, I’ll go for another mammogram in April.”

She also reminds all not to neglect the importance of a mamogram.

And how did the Walkers celebrate on this special day?

“We went to my favorite place on Monmouth Street, for breakfast,” Krista said.

What might that place be?

“Sis’s at 837 Monmouth,” she said.

There’s another reason to celebrate – Gary Jeff Walker will start talking again.

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