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Mike Tussey: The SuperJox gathering is a place for admiration, pride, camaraderie, a recipe for success

A few months ago in October, my colleague and good friend, Andy Furman penned a Column about the SuperJox in the Northern Kentucky Tribune.

Andy’s fine Column answered such questions as: Who are they? What do they do? Where are they from? Why are they here?

The SuperJox

Those who attend the quarterly luncheons have certainly achieved the pinnacle of success in their long and storied careers. Over their many years, they have met the necessary sacrifices and demands of their careers with sheer excellence.

These elite professionals have ascended to prestigious legacies and various Halls of Fame.

On schedule, the SuperJox Legends and Hall of Famers gathered amid a blustery winter day for their quarterly luncheon last Friday, Jan 20 at Barleycorns in Lakeside Park. In fact, this meeting would excitingly welcome three new members, Keith Elkins, Larry B, and Dan Allen.

Hall of Famers Denny Wright, Mike Tussey and Keith Elkins.

However, this particular meeting had a certain pizzazz to it all because it was our day to gather and celebrate!. Good reason too, because ( trumpets please ) it was “NATIONAL DJ DAY.”

So, as Paul Harvey the famous network broadcaster would proclaim to begin his commentaries, “Now, the Rest of the Story..”

The likely question for many is why do they come? The answer is very simple.

It’s like Ernie Brown of WEBN and WNKR explained, “The camaraderie is just fantastic, but we come because of the friendship that has developed and just love seeing each other once again and remembering the stories of yesterday with laughs!”

Hall of Famers Andy Furman, Randy Michaels, and Jim Labarbara

Hall of Famer Denny Wright had some key thoughts as well, “It’s a great place to be, you meet a lot of solid pro’s that have had great success in their careers with tremendous stories that open your eyes a bit. Just a great place to be, it really is.”

In less than 10 seconds those having lunch nearby last Friday would see handshaking, back slapping, mild laughter, some giddiness, some serious moments, and then of course, the obligatory story or issue of the day.

It’s the interaction with their colleagues whom they respect and honor which is the “X” factor.

Keith Elkins of the Lexington Legends and University of Kentucky Director of Radio, TV and Public Relations, drove to Lakeside Park from Lexington to join the gathering for his first time explained, “I was really impressed by all the famous names and being able to put faces with them all. I loved hearing the incredible stories at our table. It was like having 10 radios on all at the same time! For me, it was a great honor just to be among the legends.”

Hall of Famer Ric Robinson, Larry B.

My good friend and Northern Kentucky Tribune colleague Andy Furman added, “It’s the social aspect of it all. If we were meeting at the Lodge, it would be same thing. We love talking about our profession in fact at one time, many of us were competitors years ago, but now we all have become great friends because we all love just being here.”

One thing I have noticed, the SuperJox do not take the luncheons for granted, not even for a minute. Magic moments were felt today by new member Larry B of WNKR, “I’m here today because Ernie told me that amazing things happen and you know what? He’s right, great food, and lots of laughs. So very glad I came.”

Sure, the attendance wavers a bit from time to time due to personal obligations etc, but every lunch is attended by a minimum core group that understands the blessing of it all.

New member Dangerous Dan Allen of WDJO had his impressions as well, “I love all the friendship, laughs and stories! So glad I joined the group. It was fun just being here. I’m really looking forward to the next meeting on April 21.”

Make no mistake, each attendee knows and respects what each of us have achieved, and certainly understands that our accomplishments were realized because of talent, skills and very hard work.

Jim Larbarbara Hall of Famer and veteran of WLW, WCKY, WSAI and WDJO reflects, “I am impressed by the incredible camaraderie that has developed over the last few years. We all tell the stories, and sure we may exaggerate a bit, but that ok! We love being here and sharing our precious memories.”

If we had a SuperJox program guide you would likely turn to our membership page.

Larry B and Ernie Brown

So, ready or not, let’s meet The SuperJox:

MARTY BRENNAMAN, Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, National Reds Hall of Fame, Virginia Sports Hall of Fame, Ford Frick Award Winner
GARY BURBANK, National Radio Hall of Fame, Kentucky Hall of Fame, and Marconi Awards
ANDY FURMAN, WLW, Fox Sports Radio, Northern Kentucky Tribune
RANDY MICHAELS, Jacor Broadcasting Exec who turned WLW into THE BIG ONE, 55WKRC
WAYNE BOX MILLER, Cincinnati Bengals Radio Network
DICK MURGATROYD, Executive Producer of the “Bob Braun Show,” NKU Professor of Radio and TV, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor of Kentucky, Judge Executive Kenton County
RIC ROBINSON, The West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame, WWVA, WXIT, WKEE, WCHS, WLW
MIKE TUSSEY, West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame, CP-1 Baseball Hall of Fame, Northern Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame, Northern Kentucky Tribune
DENNY WRIGHT, Northern Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame, PA Announcer for Thomas More University.

The SuperJox from time to time even come from out of town as well:

ALAN CUTLER, ESPN 13300/92.5 FM Sports Talk, Sports Director WLEX TV, Lexington, Cincinnati Bengals Radio Network
KEITH ELKINS, Play by Play for Lexington Legends Baseball, University of Kentucky Director of Radio, TV and Public Relations, University of Kentucky Director of Communications College of Engineering.

So, mark it down, next up will be our Spring Lunch Friday, April 21 11:30 at SuperJox headquarters, Barleycorns in Lakeside Park.

It’s where Legends and Hall of Famers gather for all the fun.

If you are in broadcasting presently or retired, we would love to have you join in all the fun.

After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Mike Tussey has “retired” from a 60-plus-year career as a legendary play-by-play announcer for over 2000 football, baseball, and basketball games, including most recently for ESPN+. His career also includes a stint in law enforcement, teaching and coaching, and writing books, including the “Touchdown Saints.” He grew up in Eastern Kentucky and now lives in Florence with his wife, Jo. He has opened another “Door of Opportunity” and will now be a regular columnist for the NKyTribune.

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