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NKyTribune earns support from NewsMatch once again — aimed at growing voluntary reader support

By Judy Clabes
NKyTribune editor

The NKyTribune is a nonprofit local independent, public service news site, published by the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism and was founded by a group of journalists and editors who are devoted to the Northern Kentucky community.

The Tribune joins other nonprofit news organizations as part of the national NewsMatch campaign whose funders provide matching dollars for every individual contribution made to the NKyTribune.

The focus on individual contributions emphasizes that the Tribune belongs to the community.

You certainly support us with your readership, as that keeps growing by impressive numbers. But we need you to support us with your voluntary funding too. Our personal goal is that we will have — by the year’s end — reader contributions that match the corporate/business sponsorships we already have.

The good news is that if everybody who reads us chips in a little bit, that provides a very solid and important base. We hope to see MORE individual donors than ever.

NewsMatch will match donations through December 31 again this year. And, in honor of our
beloved late cofounder Gene Clabes — for whom we just passed the third year anniversary of his death — I will personally also match any donations made to the NKyTribune over the next two days. His legacy matters, and this means your donation over the next two days will be tripled.

In addition to providing news for our region, we hope we have added value to the community’s quality of life. We know what the death of The Kentucky Post meant to the community — we were there too, and we loved The Post. Our aim was to bring it back, albeit online, because that’s what we could do.

Eight years now since founding the Trib, we have made considerable progress. We’ll keep making more. We have provided all kinds of information you couldn’t get anywhere else, heartwarming feature stories about your neighbors no one else told, free obituaries and poignant special obituary stories, breaking news, special columnists, coverage of your governments and your schools, our terrific nonprofits… and more. We have created partnerships around the state to bring you statewide news and Frankfort coverage you need to be an informed citizen. We have forged — and encouraged — relationships throughout the state and help get your stories distributed on a broad basis. Anytime you have asked us, we have tried to say “YES!”

Our news site is free to our readers — and it will always be free. But we all know it isn’t “free” to do, just with very basic costs.

Could we do better, yes. Help us do that.

Please support us as much as you can — and ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. Whatever you do will be matched — and we can promise that we’ll put the funds to very good use.

Click the image provided here if you want to contribute online or make sustaining monthly donations. If you want to mail a check, please address it to NKyTribune, 644 Braddock Court, Edgewood, KY 41017.

Your contributions are tax-deductible.

We ask for your support — and we hope to continue to prove that we deserve it.

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