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New York U.S District Attorney ties Michael Hild to disinformation campaign against Ben Dusing

By Judy Clabes
NKyTribune editor

United States Attorney Damian Williams of the Southern District of New York has submitted a letter to U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams in a case being heard there involving Michael Hild who has been convicted of securities fraud and related charges.

The letter points out the extensive disinformation campaign which Hild has undertaken to undermine the reputation of his former attorney Benjamin Dusing in an effort to get his conviction overturned.

Ben Dusing

Dusing and Hild were high school friends, and Hild turned to him — after firing other attorneys — to take over his defense of an indictment on the federal security fraud charges in U.S. District Court in New York. Dusing had an impressive 20-plus-years long professional track record as a federal prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney specializing in white collar crime.

After a four-week jury trial in New York, Hild was convicted. He faces in excess of 30 years imprisonment in a system that does not allow for parole. He subsequently filed a motion for a new trial, generally blaming his conviction on “lack of adequate counsel” — and a disinformation campaign began.

Williams addresses accusations Hild has made that “call into question Hild’s credibility” and asks the court to consider these matters in adjudicating his post-trial motion.

In short, Williams cites:

• That Hild’s complaint to the Kentucky Bar Association that played a key role in the temporary suspension of Dusing’s law license was replete with deliberate misinformation, including that Dusing solicited his representation and that he used amphetamine drugs during the trial.

Dusing has long said these accusations were false and has emphasized that he has been “clean and sober” for over 20 years. He said the idea that he was distracted by his domestic issues in Kenton Family Court was false because he was supported by other lawyers.

In fact, the Kentucky Bar Association’s actual formal complaint alleges far less serious procedural violations against Dusing that do not include any of the allegations made by Hild.

• That the U.S. Attorney’s office has traced an active Twitter account — “LiesAreLoud TheTruthIsQuiet” back to Hild and says its sole purpose was harassing Dusing and others associated with his law practice. It was created in February and has tweeted over 100 “lies” about Dusing and/or his co-counsel Katy Lawrence — at one time suggesting they had committed perjury, which is not true.

• That many of the posts were a “patent effort” to discredit Dusing and those in his law practice because they are potential witnesses to the conflict-of-interest issues in Hild litigation. The Twitter account particularly harassed young interns, paralegals, and lawyers in the Dusing firm until some of them resigned under the pressure. Unfounded suggestions of “fraud, theft and false billing” and “illegal fraudulent and unethical bidding” were at the root of the harassment.

An example of a Hild ‘LiesAreLoud’ tweet

• That after a house fire seriously damaged Dusing’s home in Fort Mitchell, the Hild-driven “LiesAreLoud” Twitter account immediately suggested Dusing was responsible for the fire.

Williams writes: “These postings raise serious concerns with Hild’s credibility and demonstrate efforts to dissuade Lawrence and other employees from their continued association with Dusing. They also suggest efforts to retaliate against Dusing for disputing Hild’s allegations of ineffective assistance of counsel.”

They are, Williams says, a clear attempt to “impugn Dusing’s reputation” and “accuse him without basis of committing a crime.”

“I don’t have animus toward Mike Hild,” Dusing told the NKyTribune. “I don’t appreciate the harassment, but I see him as a victim. I feel that in a vulnerable state he was presented with false and incomplete information by third parties with an agenda and was persuaded to act on it.

“I continue to believe in his innocence.”

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  1. Lorrie Hill says:

    Happy to see United States Attorney Williams stand up for Attorney Dusing. This is a serious and dangerous situation that needs to be reported. The ties between this disinformation and our local courts need to be investigated fully. Those responsible must be held accountable.

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