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  1. Mike Washenko says:

    Great article about Facebook and it’s crap. I’m going to try and post it and see what happens.

  2. Michael Gore says:

    Here’s hoping that the artificially un-intelligent spam bot roof captains at Facebook clear you out anon from their brig with full duties, rights, and privileges restored. To add to the comedy list of unruly riverboat passenger sins, it ain’t like you were unscrewing guard light bulbs and targeting innocent passing drift!

  3. Ted Welty says:

    Capt. Sanders, I love reading ALL your stories and lore!! I’m quite disappointed this social media platform is depriving all of us.
    I look forward to your ongoing contributions of life on the river!!!

  4. Virginia DuBois Rhynders says:

    So many of us look forward to reading this column each Sunday. FB continues to disappoint with AI supervision, but I truly hope this won’t impact future stories from the good Captain.

  5. Jo Ann Schoen says:

    I will not be so nice, but still try to be a lady. What a crock!! I am so glad they at least still arrive in my email inbox!

  6. Mark Jackson says:

    Don I was moved near to tears, to think that a computer could over rule and over ride the passionate recollections of a time that will probably never be repeated. Wonder what AI was like in the days of Sam Clements, realizing his work was fiction, your’s is factual.
    As long as you keep the stories coming, thus keeping our Lady alive,and I’ll stay on facebook to read them, to be transported to a demention, and to feel like I am right there with you. Thanks Don

  7. Lorrie Hill says:

    So disappointing! Hoping this will not stop you sharing your wonderful memories.

  8. Connie Bays says:

    Despite the busy life and all the things to do, and responsibilities to meet, one of the first things that runs through my mind every Sunday, is “Today’s the day for Don’s column!” I go looking for it, and once found, I send it straight to the collection in my email. That way, if I can’t read it right then, I can read it later. Fb has done lost their mind! They allow things they shouldn’t and do stupid things like they’ve done to you. They’ve lost the sense the good Lord gave them. I know I’m not alone in saying, I love your stories!

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