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Robin Dahms: Expressing a grief too deep, after watching her husband die from cancer

Robin Dahms watched her husband Paul, 53, die from cancer over a period of two years and is sharing this poem — and her deep grief — with our readers. They were married 19 years.

Grief Before Death

Robin and her husband Paul in good times.

I don’t want to live this life without you.
Watching you go has been pure hell.
It makes me scream, cry, and yell.
Our vows said ‘Until Death do us Part’
That’s why I’ll die with a broken heart.

How many people truly know
The pain of watching you go?
No matter how hard I’ve tried
I feel so very helpless inside.

So many mixed feelings I feel.
It’s out of my hands, it’s God’s will.
How I’ve begged Him to let you stay.
In His time He’ll call you away.

Time has begun to take its toll.
Our hearts are breaking and our tears roll.
Only a few are right here by our side.
I guess nobody would enjoy the ride.

Robin and her husband, as cancer takes its toll

Maybe if they could only see
I need someone here for me.
Now is when I need you the most.
Not after he’s become a ghost.

Maybe a phone call when you can.
Stop by and see us, hey that’s a plan.
Our fight with cancer has been pure hell.
What area it attacks next who can tell.

My heart is shattered, broken in two.
Dear God I don’t know how to say Good-bye to you.
Grief before death has broken me in two.

Robin Dahms, 62, is a disabled widower with two grown children and four grandchildren. She was born and raised in Covington and lives today in Taylor Mill.

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