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Asbury United Methodist Church youth go to Puerto Rico on a mission to help homeowners

Asbury United Methodist Church’s Youth Group and some leaders went on a mission to Cayay, Puerto Rico looking to serve those in need — and came away satisfied that they served others.

The group broke into two teams and worked with elderly homeowners on home repairs, painting, and deep cleaning.

Team one went to the home of an elderly couple. The husband has Alzheimer’s and is bedridden. Their home needed a serious deep clean and a few walls repainted. One thing the wife requested was that some overgrowth be removed from the yard as it was blocking the window that her husband can look out of from his bedroom.

The team worked hard to clean and paint while they were there. Before they left, the team gifted
the couple with a fan, a new light, and some essentials for cleaning.

Team two went to the home of an elderly U.S. veteran. He built the home himself 50 years ago. The entire home was in need of scraping and painting and moderate cleaning. The team was able to scrape and paint the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway and main bathroom, along with the main portion of the outside of the house.

They also cleaned cabinets and dishes. The team gifted him with a working clock, a new tablecloth and some essentials for cleaning.

Both teams were blessed to have someone who was able to translate for them, allowing them to communicate with our home owners and help them bond over the week.

Asbury United Methodist Church

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