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Sen. Chris McDaniel named to legislative task force on Bourbon Barrel Taxation; other task forces formed

Senate Leadership has named Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Ryland Heights, to the newly formed Bourbon Barrel Taxation Task Force, which will conduct business through the 2022 Interim Session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

The task force will study the current ad valorem tax rate structure for bourbon barrel sales in the Commonwealth to increase tax revenue and new jobs by developing an ideal tax rate structure.

“We are seeing an incredible growth rate in Northern Kentucky and truly across the golden triangle,” McDaniel said. “Much of the growth can be attributed to our signature industries in conjunction with the numerous natural advantages of the Commonwealth, including our low cost of living relative to other states, the decency of our people, and geographic beauty.”

”The Kentucky General Assembly has made a concerted effort since 2016 to spur economic growth through conservative policy implementation, including tax reform. This task force will serve as another tool in bettering the economic environment for the bourbon industry and Kentuckians to thrive.”

Sen. Chris McDaniel

The task force will report findings to the Legislative Research Commission by Dec. 1 for referral to the appropriate standing committee with jurisdiction over the policy area.

“As Senate Budget Chair, Sen. McDaniel has been pivotal in developing state budgets and crafting sound tax policy legislation,” said Senate President Robert Stivers, who will serve as co-chair of the task force. “The importance of his input and collaboration as a task force member cannot be understated.”

A legislative task force is also known as a special committee. They are established by the Legislative Research Commission and function primarily during the interim, typically studying a specific topic. The Bourbon Barrel Taxation Task Force is one of six new task forces established to conduct business through the Interim.

Additional task forces include:
• The Benefits Cliff Task Force — Created to review the impact of the public assistance benefits cliff on labor force participation, employment, wages, and benefit duration and usage in the commonwealth and develop public policy recommendations to support working families in transitioning off of public assistance into gainful employment and self-sufficiency.
• The Cabinet for Health and Family Services Organizational Structure, Operations and Administrative Task Force — Created to study the organizational structure, operations and administration of programs, policies, and procedures within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.
• The Early Childhood Education Task Force — Created to conduct a comprehensive review of the Commonwealth’s early childhood caregiving and educational structures and operations.
• The Emergency Medical Services Task Force — Created to study the provision of emergency medical services in Kentucky.
• The Executive Branch Efficiency Task Force — Created to study the effectiveness of current executive branch cabinet working procedures for administering services to citizens of the Commonwealth.
The 2022 Interim Session will serve as a primer for the 2023 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly, as legislative efforts in the months ahead will be a critical element in crafting potential legislation.

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