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Sen. John Schickel: Senate Bill 1 is a win for Kentucky students and parents

After eight years of effort, with Senate Bill 1 becoming law, the voice in our schools’ operations has been given back to the parents and residents of communities who fund them.

This year’s Senate Bill 1, which I was proud to sponsor, gives important school governance issues, such as decisions on curriculum and principal selection, back to Kentuckians.

Sen. John Schickel

Superintendents, hired and fired by elected members of local school boards, will now have the authority to make these decisions rather than a small group of individuals on site-based decision-making councils, entities relatively unknown to the public and unaccountable to voters.

Thanks to Senate Bill 1, which included a measure from my colleague and chair of the Senate Education Committee, Sen. Max Wise, civics will be taught based on our nation and state’s historical documents, such as the constitution and other core primary sources.

Contrary to critics’ complaints, Senate Bill 1 does not restrict curriculum or teachings in the classroom but lets the elected school boards who represent their communities have the final say on these important matters.

Kentucky has historically ranked in the bottom third of all states in education.

Senate Bill 1 is a massive victory for Kentucky children and families and will serve as a significant course correction to that trend by giving authority back to those you have elected. I have been proud to champion the bill on behalf of the parents and taxpayers in Kentucky as we work to provide every child the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.

I want to thank everyone who supported and assisted in this effort. A coalition of stakeholders worked tirelessly for nearly a decade to make Senate Bill 1 possible, and the education system will be better for it.

Senator John Schickel represents the 11th District in northern and central Boone County.

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