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KYTC reminds spring mowing season underway, urges drivers to use caution, be watchful for crews

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says spring mowing season is now underway, so they are urging drivers to use caution and watch for slow-moving mowing equipment on the state’s roads.

As weather allows in May and June, crews will have tractors out on state highways mowing roadsides across Kentucky.  Safety vehicles will move along with mowing crews to warn traffic of mowers ahead. The Cabinet asks drivers to please use caution and avoid passing mowers, especially on narrow two-lane roadways. When possible, crews will move aside to let traffic pass.

Photo from Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

On four-lane highways, move over and slow down when passing mowing crews.

In addition, Kentucky law and Transportation Cabinet policy prohibit the placement of non-official signs or markers of any type – for businesses, political campaigns, yard sales or other advertising – on state highway rights of way, utility poles, guardrails, highway fences, or on road signs.

Illegally placed signs can be a safety hazard for highway crews and property owners because mowers can throw metal stakes or sign debris great distances.

Signs can also disrupt ditch cleaning or other roadway maintenance, can become a distraction for drivers, and can block the view of side roads and approaching vehicles, as well as endangering those who run off the roadway.

Where right-of-way markers or fences are not visible, in general, all signage should be behind sidewalks or behind the ditch line and outside areas commonly mowed or maintained by highway crews. On four-lane highways with controlled access or limited access, no signs or other materials should be placed on the highway side of the fence or on the fence itself.

The Kentucky Department of Highways can remove illegal signs at any time as needed. Signs that are removed will be held at state maintenance facilities for a short period of time and may be picked up at those locations by the owner or a representative with proper identification. Unclaimed signs will be discarded.

The Cabinet reminds everyone that employees who remove signs are acting in the best interest of all drivers and maintenance crews.

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