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Covington schools get positive news from Cognia accreditation report: big improvements, on right track

Staff report

At the Covington Independent Public Schools board meeting Thursday, Cognia, a nonprofit organization that accredits primary and secondary schools presented the findings of its newest accreditation report — and it was good news for the district.

Cognia scores a school district colored rankings, with blue being a 4 ranking and the best:

A score of 4 indicated high performance.

Here are Cognia’s Covington schools’ rankings by categories — and comparisons of 2022 rankings vs. the district’s rankings in 2017:

Teaching and Learning

An effective learning culture is characterized by positive and productive teacher/learner relationships, high expectations and standards, a challenging ad engaging curriculum, quality instruction and comprehensive support that enables all learners to be successful, and assessment practices that monitor and measure learner progress and achievement.

On this measure, the district earns 67% blue (#4) and 33% green (#3) in 2022, having earned zero blue ratings in 2017.

Leadership Capacity

An institution’s leadership capacity includes the fidelity and commitment to its purpose and direction, the effectiveness of governance and leadership to enable realizing stated objectives, the ability to engage and involve stakeholders in meaningful and productive ways, ad the capacity to implement strategies that improve learner and educator performances.

On this measure, the district earns 91% blue (#4) and 9% green ($3), compared to zero % blue in 2017.

Resource Capacity

Use and distribution of resources support the stated mission. Resources are distributed and utilized equitably, so the needs of all learners are adequately and effectively addressed.

On this measure, the district received 75% blue (#4) and 25% green (#3), compared to zero blue in 2017.

Scott Alter, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for Covington public schools, said the report was affirming that “we are doing the right things to be a successful district”

“The accreditation says we have had many improvements in the district over the last five years and that we have the systems in place around leadership, learning, and resources,” Alter said. “The accreditation says we are poised for success if we keep focusing on what we are doing now in all of our schools.”

Superintendent Alvin Garrison agreed.

“This accreditation says we are on the right track — we have the correct systems in place to ensure that our kids get a world-class education,” he said. “In my 27 years in education, I have never seen an accreditation report that shows a district either meeting or exceeding all indicators.

“The report validates the hard work that our faculty and staff have been doing for the past nine years that I have been here. It ensures confidence in our parents that their children are receiving an outstanding education.”

Insights shared in the written report on the findings included:

• “The team repeatedly heard from system personnel, parents, and students that all students were encouraged to grow academically, emotionally and socially. Students especially indicated that teachers and administrators ‘know and support us.'”

• “Teachers indicated that the system leaders were visible in the schools, available for consultations when needed, emphasized a spirit of collaboration, and were supportive teachers’ innovative instructional practices.”

• Particular mention of support from the community that included Covington Partners, the Covington Public Library, the Carnegie, the Center for Great Neighborhoods, and various health agencies — and the availability of internet hotspots.

• Made note that the system is working to ensure higher levels of academic performance by all students. Three of five elementary schools achieved a 5-start rating from the state; both the middle and high school were rated 1-star. The Cognia team encouraged the system to renew expanded efforts to identify struggling learners, seeking best practices in instruction and learning, and remaining committed to the education of all students.

Its “Next Steps” included “Continue the improvement journey.”

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  1. Richard says:

    Sounds like a pat on the back for administration. What about real outcomes, like student test scores? In light of Kentucky’s new tax-credit scholarship fund, parents should be able to compare the test scores of private inner city Covington schools to Covington public schools. In this way, parents can make an informed decision on where to send their children to school.

  2. Mark says:

    Richard Innes, you know litte on education

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