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Rotary Club of Florence accepting nominations for annual Teacher of the Year awards

By Hannah Walters
Rotary Club of Florence

The Teacher of the Year Award is an opportunity to give back to the backbone of our community: educators. For the past 12 years, Rotary Club of Florence has held the Teacher of the Year event and is currently accepting nominations for this year’s ceremony. Nominations will be accepted through February 11. To nominate a teacher, go to florencerotary.org and fill out the form.

To be eligible, the nominee must meet the following criteria:

• Be currently employed as a teacher in a public or private school in Boone County

• Inspire students to learn

• Have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues

• Play an active and useful role in the community, as well as, in the school

• Be poised, articulate, and possesses the energy to withstand a taxing schedule

• Exemplify the “Service above Self” standard in his or her professional and community environment

• If the teacher has been previously nominated and was not the award winner, they are still eligible to receive the award

Rotary Club’s motto, “Service Above Self,” means selfless service. Along with “Service Above Self,” Six main values are at the heart of Rotary. One of those core values is supporting educators because education is a vital component to a prosperous society.

The Teacher of the Year Award is a way to give outstanding teachers the recognition that they deserve. More importantly, a nomination is a way to give back all on its own.

“We as Rotarians work as service leaders, we believe in giving back to the community that helped raise us,” said Sean Carroll, a member of the selection committee and former member of the Boone County School Board. “We are humbled by the efforts of so many teachers that not only taught us course content but taught us the content of character. We are honored to help shine a light on a group of individuals that want to make a positive impact on the lives of so many.”

Educators do much more than just teach- they offer guidance and support for their students and raise and educate tomorrow’s leaders. Selection Committee chair, Barb Keeling, said educators’ have a significant impact on their communities

“Teachers are one of the most important and influential people in our children’s lives,” she said.

Doing this through a pandemic is not an easy task. This year especially, educators have had to innovate new ways of teaching — new ways to reach the minds and hearts of their students. Florence Rotary invites anyone to nominate a teacher that meets the above criteria.

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