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Park Hills Tree Board sets goal of planting 1,382 trees (one per household) over the next two years

The Tree Board of Park Hills approved the goal of planting 1,382 trees (one per household) in Park Hills over the next two years.

Planting “Just One Tree” per household through the various programs implemented in Park Hills will make tremendous progress towards the goal of reforesting the city. Trees increase property values, reduce energy costs and improve quality of life as well as remove air pollutants. A single tree will remove 48 pounds of carbon per year so if the goal of planting “Just One Tree” per household in Park Hills is achieved we will remove 66,336 pounds of carbon per year for our city.

“We all need to do our part to support our City and contribute to its continued success, many of us have raised our families here and we all enjoy the tremendous benefits of living in Park Hills.” Mike Conway, Chairman, Park Hills Tree Board

“I highly support the Tree Board’s goal of reforesting our beautiful city. We have lost so many trees over the past five years due to age, infestation, and disease. I am asking each household in Park Hills to “Plant Just One Tree” to further increase our quality of life, reduce energy costs and increase property values,” said Mayor Kathy Zembrodt.

Members of the tree board are Mike Conway, Chairman, Pat Flannery, Vice Chairman, Kathleen Laurin, Treasurer, Sally Soderlund, Secretary, Dr. Joe Daugherty, Spring Sapling Program & Grants, Natalie Schulte, Communications & Marketing, Jeff DiGiovanni, Grants.

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