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John Stephenson: A response to the NKyTribune’s data report on the January 6th riots

(Editor’s note: We asked Mr. Stephenson to submit this as an opinion piece because it was too long to be a comment on the post. We told him it had a number of errors that needed to be fixed, but he insisted we were trying to censor his comments. So here it is exactly as he sent it, unedited.)

In reference to this story: Jan Hillard: Finding our way through understanding of how we see Jan. 6th Capitol riots

Unfortunately this very intelligent gentleman failed to mention the most important lesson to be learned in this media event, designed by the devil himself. No not President Donald Trump,  although he played a role as a angry recipient of years of abuse by a life of bogus investigating of every move he made in life sitting up this hatred by both sides including the media who uses controversy to sell advertising. While Donald Trump did not start or intentionally do anything to start what turned out to be a shameful series of actions. He might have found glee in the result of his democratic leadership being so foolish as to ignore the fact that he ordered on standby the National Guard just waiting for Mayor Boswer of DC and Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House had the responsibility and authority to call in the Guard and we would not be writing about this shameful planned act of multimedia production of with misguided souls that only the devil herself could have arranged. Falling to call in the National Guard and the evidence being hidden by the same Democrat leadership and others is responsible for January 6th embarrassment for our democracy.
Are we a divided Nation? Yes. Are we a divided World? Yes. The devil and or evil knows no boundaries,  he or she roams like a lion. At 78 and having been a Democrat most of my life , and ran statewide three times as a Democrat and in 2010 having run for United States Senator as a Republican and having to drop out due to my wife’s surgeries I have learned a lot out about the citizens in both political parties including the Tea Party and Independent party. I would say that most members of all theses parties love America. However,  the election of Barack Obama twice also showed that in no way is this a racist nation. I was a huge supporter of the first election of Barack Obama and I was also a huge supporter of Donald Trump.  One would say how was that concoction put together. The main difference is one did what he said that he would do and the other one did not.

The main attraction for both was they were different from what we had many years , just another member of the bureaucrats,  burecracacy.  Barack was just another Saul Alinsky RADICALIZATION tactics as was Hillary Clinton. 
Donald Trump was and still is different and I knew it immediately after he pick Mike Pence to be Vice-President.  They did what they said they were going to do.

That is the reason today you see that Donald Trump still has a massive impact and following and I believe that the Republicans will take back the house and the Senate’s majority with help from all parties.
30 trillion in debt. A sitting President that we all know now is incompetence personified and a vice president who is just sad, and who do you have in line? Nancy Pelosi who should just retire to her husband’s muti millions of money made on her stock knowledge in advance.

Let see what President Donald Trump has to say in Arizona today. With Biden/Harris poling at about 32% and the liberal media still singing their praises. I just pray we all ask God for His forgiveness for our sinfulness and we all make a u- turn in life back to Jesus. You are a good man,but I would not go to the bank with these are any polls. Just how I see things at 78. Are You Ready? It’s the Holy Spirits job to convict and God’s job to Judge and my job to Love and I love all red, yellow, brown, black and white born and unborn children and seniors unique and diverse police officers and first responders and teachers and students and preachers and priest and FARMER’S and CITY folks and SOLDIERS and GOVERNMENT SERVANTS and WORKERS and OWNERS and Doctors and Nurses and staff and all of God’s children for they are all precious in Jesus SIGHT. Dr. John Stephenson Former Superintendent of Education for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, former Deputy Secretary of Transportation/ Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Field Representative for Congressman John Breckinridge and Fifty one years as a Realtor Emitertus/Broker Facebook YouTube www.Independentchristianparty.com

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