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Kentucky Soybean Board to give to nonprofits Goodyear tires made with soy-based oil; apply here

By Tom Latek
Kentucky Today

As part of their “Soy on the Move” campaign, the Kentucky Soybean Board will provide soy-based passenger tires to selected non-profit organizations across the state, made by one of the nation’s most recognizable brands.

Since 2011, more than four million checkoff dollars have been invested in replacing petroleum with soybean oil in Goodyear tire treads, and the tiremaker now has four lines of tires that feature renewable, sustainable soybean oil.  Goodyear has pledged to fully replace petroleum-driven oils by 2040, and the soy checkoff has taken advantage of this opening in the marketplace by partnering to make sure that soy is the oil of choice.

Kentucky Soybean Board: Goodyear tires made with soy-based oil to be given to nonprofits

The Board says beside marketing opportunities that the focus on renewable, sustainable raw materials afford the soybean industry, there are performance benefits to consumers who choose the soy-based Assurance WeatherReady, Assurance ComfortDrive, Eagle Exhilarate or first responders who choose the pursuit-rated Eagle Enforcer All Weather tire.  Extensive testing shows that soybean oil could improve tire flexibility at low temperatures, helping the rubber to remain pliable in cold weather and enhancing traction in rain and snow simultaneously. Some are rated up to 75,000 miles.

The Kentucky Soybean Board is now soliciting nominations.  The nomination form may be found at www.kysoy.org, and asks, “Why does this nonprofit organization deserve a new set of tires?” Anyone can nominate a Kentucky nonprofit organization for these tires, and farmers are especially encouraged to participate in the nomination process.

“We are excited to award these tires to those who are out in our communities doing good,” said Marketing Committee Chairman Jeremy Stull.

“Showing return on investment is important to me as a banker, and it’s important that the farmers who invest in the checkoff see the long-term benefits of their checkoff investment.”

Stull added that helping worthy causes across the state while bringing attention to a soy-based product that is relatable to consumers and farmers alike is an added bonus to the campaign.

The farmer-leaders of the Kentucky Soybean Board have worked to raise awareness of this practical use of the versatile crop. For the past few years, they have included a Goodyear display in their exhibit at both the Kentucky State Fair and the National Farm Machinery Show; and consumers and farmers alike are often surprised to learn that soybean oil is being used in the production of tires.

The application deadline is Dec. 15.

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