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Judy Clabes: Join me for a leisurely cup of coffee, a nice chat — and a celebration of our community

I hope we can have an unrushed conversation over a nice cup of coffee (or tea, your choice) this Monday morning, the first day of a new month — and an important time for the NKyTribune.

Today, we announce the honorees of our 2021 NewsMakers — and what an impressive group of engaged and amazing citizens they are. Folks who have made a lot of headlines this year and who bring nothing but credit (and value) to the organizations they lead. Their work goes beyond work, in every instance — They are engaged in the community, add value to anything they touch, and truly care about being good people and good citizens.

Judy Clabes

My life is improved by knowing them, and I’m glad I got to know them better. I believe you will agree that the community is lucky to have them. They are great role models in a time that loud noise on social media and too many headlines in irresponsible news feeds have us thinking no such models exist. They do — and close to home.

I am struck by the sheer decency of these people — and encouraged by it. I needed that, and you do too.

Our annual NewsMakers event is, of course, a fundraising event for the NKyTribune, a nonprofit public service newspaper online, dedicated to providing Northern Kentucky honest news provided by folks who care about their homeplace. This is the second year we have taken the event “virtual” of sorts. No “Zooming,” no new high tech, no bells and whistles — just using the NKyTribune platform to tell the stories of these hometown heroes.

We hope you care about that — and about supporting us even though there’s no dessert on the table. Just you and me with our cup of coffee, considering the kind of community we want ours to be.

I want a community with more Leo Calderons, Carri Chandlers, Lee Crumes, Joe Chillos, and Shannon Starkey-Taylors. A whole slew of them who stand as examples to others of what can be when we work together for the common good and the best outcomes.

Take a look around your neighborhood with fresh eyes in this new month. Be thankful for the neighbor who picks up stray trash, plants a tree, takes another neighbor to the doctor’s appointment, takes time to share a bright smile and a wave… Share kindness and pass it on. We need to focus on the good around us. It’s there and we need to be part of it.

Also starting today, the NKyTribune is participating in the national NewsMatch campaign, in which donations from individuals are matched through the end of the year. The idea is that community journalism belongs to everyone. Growing individual, voluntary support makes local news possible and sustainable.

I have to add, too, that the corporate citizens represented below are important to our community, too. The NKyTribune is grateful for their support of our efforts and grateful for their services to our community. In these challenging times, they have come together to provide record support for our NewsMakers event.

Our goal for this year is that, by the end of the year, individuals will support the NKyTribune at a total level equal to the support we receive from the corporate community. We think that would really define the term “community journalism.” Join with us, by clicking here. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

We should share a Monday morning cup of coffee more often.

2021 NewsMakers sponsors with a big thank you from the NKyTribune

Judy Clabes is founder and editor of the NKyTribune, former editor of The Kentucky Post, and very happy to call Northern Kentucky home.

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  1. Ruth Bamberger says:

    The NKY Tribune is my lifeline to local news. Thanks, Judy Clabes, and all sponsors!

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