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Natalie Deering’s ND Wellness offers guidance for tapping into ‘healing potential’ — to be our ‘best self’

By Vickie Prichard
Special to NKyTribune

Natalie Deering has long been drawn to understanding the many variables and dynamics that shape who people become. She’s also well aware that, sometimes, we all need a little help and direction to embrace our best self.

“I have always been drawn to getting to know other people and learning about what makes them who they are,” said Deering. “We are all beautiful creatures that hold amazing capabilities to regulate and heal, but sometimes we just need some guidance to tap into that healing potential.”

Natalie Deering

Years ago, Deering, a Fort Thomas native, set out on a course of study that led to establishing her own private mental health practice. She earned her Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Eastern Kentucky University and a certification in mindfulness meditation instruction from the University of Holistic Theology. She’s been a practicing therapist for 11 years. Beginning May 17th, she will begin seeing patients at her new full-time private practice, ND Wellness, in Northern Kentucky, having returned to her hometown of Fort Thomas.

“I am grateful to be back in the Northern Kentucky and Fort Thomas area so that I can offer individuals the chance to connect with their higher self and gain a greater understanding of the pieces that make them who they are,” said Deering. “We are beautiful living organisms that have the capacity to do amazing things and I’m excited to be offering that experience in my hometown.”

While Deering’s main areas of focus are anxiety, stress, and trauma, she’s not limited to those areas of concern.

“I incorporate mindfulness-based somatic treatments that use psychoeducation, movement, meditation, and internal family systems therapy to help individuals build awareness and resilience to the past, present, and future,” said Deering.

With a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification and a soon-to-be completed certification as a mental health integrative medicine provider, Deering knows the benefits of taking a holistic approach with her clients.

“When we learn about our bodies as a whole – the mind-body connection – we invite the opportunity to experience radical compassion for ourselves and for others,” said Deering. “Meditation, movement, and psychoeducation of the body, and internal family systems therapy invites that opportunity for whole body healing.”

Deering is licensed in the state of Kentucky to provide mental health therapy and can provide telehealth services to anyone who is physically in the state of Kentucky at the time of their clinical service. She sees adults, 18 and older, for therapy, and offers a non-clinical training for adolescents and adults on self-care for resilience. Her non-clinical workshop for adolescents and adults, who are interested in learning self-care techniques that build resilience to life stressors, addresses the importance of food, movement, sleep, and stress management as resilience-builders for the mind-body connection. This training is 1.5 hours long and costs $100 per person.

“Participants will come away from this training with knowledge and understanding about the importance of incorporating these four pillars of care to build resilience to past, present, and future stressors and traumas,” said Deering.

Client appointments can be scheduled Monday through Thursday via telehealth, with in-person appointments to be available at a later date. Session fees are $120 per 60-minute session.

Deering does not accept insurance, but she can provide clients with a Superbill (an itemized form, used by healthcare providers, which details services provided to a patient), to provide to their insurance provider for a possible reimbursement of session costs. She accepts payment via credit, debit, and HSA cards that clients can submit through the confidential company, Simple Practice. In the event that clients are unable to pay the full session cost, Deering says she encourages them to contact her for possible flexibility.

For more information, visit ND Wellness, email ndwellness.services@therapysecure.com , or call (859) 320-0865.

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