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Junk King adds eco-friendly service to Covington, offers more opportuties for charitable initiative

Junk King, the nation’s leading junk removal company focing on customer service and an eco-friendly approach, has opened a new location in Covington at 609 Union St.

For Jack Brendamour, an entrepreneur dedicated to sustainability and giving back, this is his fourth Junk King location. Others are in Louisville, Dayton and Cincinnati. The expansion into Northern Kentucky will help reduce the company’s carbon footprint and will also offer more opportunities for charitable initiatives. In Brendamour’s locations, he has partnered with 35+ nonprofits which receive donations of materials collected at junk removal jobs.

“By bringing Junk King’s services to Northern Kentucky, we’re able to reduce the amount of energy our trucks use in traveling to and from jobs. And, we can continue the recycling and repurposing mentality other communities in Kentucky and Ohio have come to know us for,” said Brendamour. “Our team fully acknowledges giving back as a priority.”

Businesses and residents choose Junk King because of the brand’s state-of-the-art technology systems that allow customers to schedule a pick-up in real time. With the online booking system, all it takes is a few clicks and within a matter of minutes Junk King can be scheduled and the job can be completed.

The online pricing estimator will also quickly provide customers with an accurate and affordable estimate based on items or truck load.

“Jack has made it clear he is passionate and dedicated to making a difference with Junk King,” said Michael Andreacchi, CEO and co-founder of Junk King Franchise Systems.

Unlike the majority of junk removal services, pricing for Junk King is based on the amount of junk removed. The brand’s trucks are twenty percent larger than the industry average, meaning there is no job it cannot handle.

In Northern Kentucky, up to 100% of items removed from a yard, home or business are donated or recycled, rather than being put into a landfill.

For more information about Junk King Northern Kentucky, click here or email jBrendamour@junk-king.com.

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