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Voices from the Classroom: Amelia Brown believes in #TellingOurStoryKY and the power of public schools

The power of public schools is evident in strong commitments from our community.

The power of public schools is evident in doing whatever it takes for ALL students.

The power of public schools is evident in the resilience of our students.

These are just a few examples of statements that are currently flooding social media all over the state of Kentucky.

In the midst of a worldwide health crisis, economic instability, and political unrest, our public schools are under scrutiny like never before. Educators across the Commonwealth are speaking up to make sure that the stories being told are the same ones that they see every day: stories of success, inspiration, transformation, and perseverance.

The #TellingOurStoryKY initiative kicked off in 2021 with the mission of doing just that…collecting the stories of teachers, administrators, school staff, students, families, and community members that illustrate the positive and significant role of public schools.

When you search #TellingOurStoryKY on Twitter, you’ll see selfies and signs posted with the sentence The power of public schools is evident in ________________. That statement has been completed with everything from broad beliefs such as “our heart to serve all kids” to very specific examples such as “Katie’s love of science.”

You’ll also find interviews with recent public school graduates who share their testament to the education they received. For example, you’ll read about Ashley Kinman Hicks, a 2013 graduate of Williamstown High School who credits specific adults at her school that inspired her career path. You’ll hear from Morgan Sydnor, a 2016 Pendleton County High School grad who speaks to the diversity she experienced aiding in her success both professionally and personally.

In addition, you’ll find photos from current classrooms, both virtual and in-person, that illustrate the powerful experiences students are immersed in daily. Everything from creations in art class, on-the job learning, engagement in collaborative groups, and one-on-one support from teachers.

The role of our local public schools is important. The work that endures each and every day inside the buildings and in online classrooms needs your support. If you have a story to tell of the positive impact public education has had on YOU, join in the #TellingOurStoryKY mission.

Here are three ways to get involved:

1. Take your picture with the selfie page and share it on your social media page (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) with the hashtag #TellingOurStoryKY.

2. Interview a person who goes to or went to public school in Kentucky and create a one page story! Maybe that person is YOU! (Here is an example!)

3. Read and engage with the other stories out there! Like, retweet and share posts you see with the #TellingOurTStoryKY hashtag.

Amelia Brown

Join the movement to lift up the positivity and successes that we KNOW are happening in our schools. Let’s make the positive loud.

Amelia Brown is a literacy consultant with the Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services, co-creator of KYSENT, and a Hope Street Group Kentucky State Teacher Fellow alumna. She holds a B.S. in elementary education, a M.Ed in Educational Administration and is National Board Certified in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy.

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