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Mayor Wilbur of Rabbit Hash named top ten Political Hero Dog by Halo as politics is dog-eat-dog world

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Halo, a national company that manufactures safety collars for dogs, has named the top ten hero dogs of 2020, and the new Mayor of Rabbit Hash is on the list.

Mayor Wilbur (Rob Stone Photography/NBC News via Halo)

He is #1 Political Hero Dog. Said Halo:

American politics is a dog-eat-dog world — and sometimes that means an actual dog is in the office.

Wilbur is heroic for helping us spread positive news amidst such an uncertain and politically divisive time in our nation.

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is not an official town so residents do not elect actual political figures, and instead, its nearly 500 residents have a tradition of electing an animal as mayor for a fundraising event dating back to the 1990s. 

Wilbur is a 6-month old French bulldog who was named new mayor of Rabbit Hash last fall, carrying on a tradition that began in the late 1990s. Rabbit Hash has never had a human as mayor. The tradition is also a fundraiser for the community’s historical society.

Wilbur is reportedly a canine with the perfect demeanor for mayorhood for the community of 500 who are proud of its National Register of Historic Places designation. He is the adopted dog of animal-lover Amy Noland. He succeeded 4-year mayor pit bull Brynn to the mayor’s job.

His election, of course, made the national news.

Halo was founded by dog behaviorist and trainer Cesar Millan and Michael and Ken Ehrman.

“In these unprecedented times, dogs have not only been our beloved pets, but they have also become valuable work colleagues, stars of our social media accounts, enthusiastic class members in our makeshift home schools, and last but not least: the bond bringing families and communities together,” said a Halo spokesperson.

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