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Iconic Florence Y’all water tower getting a new paint job and will soon be back in all its glory

Staff report

A favorite local icon is getting plenty of attention these days as the Florence Y’all water tower is undergoing a facelift. Just a sparkling new paint job really, folks.

It will be good as new in short time.

As nervous fans expressed concern that the FLORENCE Y’ALL was going away, the City of Florence issued assurances:

“We love that our residents love the water tower as much as we do. The Florence Y’all water tower is undergoing routine maintenance. We anticipate having the iconic monument back to its former glory by late November.”

The water tower is owned by the City of Florence and is seen by millions of interstate motorists annually — and is a point of pride for locals. It even has a baseball team named for it. And has made national travel publications.

Built in 1974, the regional landmark originally had “Florence Mall” on it but the “M” was changed to “Y” to address legal issues. It was the late Mayor C.M. “Hop” Ewing who devised the Y’all solution to the legal dilemma. And its charm hit a collective nerve.

It can hold about 1 million gallons of water and was built by the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company of Pittsburg and painted by the Virginia Erection Co.

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  1. Bryan Gruepher says:

    I think they should paint something different on it. Something more classy and modern. Sure it has history behind it, but it just makes Florence seem a little trashy. An out of town person looking at the area or even looking to resettle in an area of NKY might be turned off from a tacky paint job and slogan. All of the newly developed towns have very sleek water tower designs and emblems, not a neighborhood slogan that no one else would get and think it looks like something out of a hillbilly antique museum.

  2. Kevin Denman says:

    I disagree, the tower is a symbol.
    Y’all Mall

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