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Election 2020 Guide is here — voting details, contested races profiles, sample ballots, more

The NKyTribune and student journalists at The Northerner, Northern Kentucky University’s independent student newspaper, have produced a Special November 2020 Election Guide to help voters make more informed decisions as they go to the polls.

As county clerks have geared up for an anticipated record turnout, voters have had multiple options during the pandemic — mail-in, Early Voting, and in-person on Election Day — and, with this guide, voters will have more information as well.

Early in-person voting starts tomorrow — October 13 — across the state.

“I am especially grateful to NKU President Ashish Vaidya, who understands community engagement in a big way, for bringing us together on this project, and to Michele Day, who is adviser to The Northerner, for her help in making it happen,” said Judy Clabes, editor of the NKyTribune.

The Special Election Guide includes brief profiles on the candidates for U.S. offices on the long ballot — President, Senate and House — on candidates for state legislative offices — House and Senate — and on the local council/commission candidates in contested races in Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties. There are 17 of the latter, for a total of 124 candidates. The Northerner journalists reached out to those candidates and managed to get most of them.

For those commission/council candidates who did not respond and for whom pictures and bios are missing, the NKyTribune will be happy to have them and will update the Guide accordingly. For some of the candidates who did not respond, extensive searches were made for biographical information that could not be uncovered. Send the information to judy@nkytrib.com.

The guide also includes comprehensive and specific information about where and how to vote, including where dropboxes are for mail-in ballots in each county, where Early Voting places are in each county, and where polling places are for in-person voting on Election Day, Nov. 3.

It also has sample ballots for each county.

Check out the graphic on the NKyTribune’s Homepage to link you to the Guide — and then use the links at the top of each page to navigate through the site for the information you want.

“Unfortunately, we could only go as deep as the local contested council/commission races with the pictures and bios, given the short time we had to do them,” said Clabes. “All races on the ballots are important — especially school board contests — and we hope in the future to be able to provide that information more completely as well. But this is a good start, and we’re pleased to offer it.”

Voting is a responsibility and a privilege — Be sure to get take advantage of one of your three voting options.

Let’s go for a record.

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