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Early voting continues apace in NKY and mail-in ballots rolling in; record number of voters registered

NKY’s three county clerks report brisk early voting and — already — a decent return of mail-in ballots. They join with Secretary of State Michael Adams in expecting of a high voter turnout for the general election.

Early in-person voting in Kentucky began October 13.

It’s too late to get a mail-in ballot, but the clerks have already received a big portion of those mailed out. If you have a mail-in ballot, it would be best to take it to one of the dropboxes in your county to assure that it is received in time to be counted on Election Day, Nov. 3.

All mail-in ballots must be postmarked by 6 p.m. on election day to be counted and, if mailed rather than dropped off, must be received by Friday, Nov. 6 to be counted.

Clerks are allowed to open the ballots to determine that they have been filled out correctly — and can give you a chance to fix it — and prepare them for counting on election day. They cannot be counted in advance, but they can be prepared for counting.

Here are the places — by county — that you can drop off your mail-in ballot:

Boone County

Boone County Administration Building –  Boone County Clerks Burlington, 2950 Washington Square, Burlington

Boone County Public Library – Florence Branch, 7425 US 42 Florence

Boone County Public Library – Hebron Branch, 1863 North Bend Road, Hebron
Boone County Public Library – Scheben Branch, 8899 US 42, Union

Campbell County

Campbell County Administration Building, 1098 Monmouth Street, Newport

Clerk’s office, 8330 West Main Street, Alexandria

Kenton County

Kenton County Government Center, 1840 Kenton Way, Covington (inside and outside)

Independence Courthouse — back of building

Independence Senior Center

Click here for all details about voting, including bios of candidates and lists of polling places for Early in-person voting and for Election Day in-person voting.

Numbers as of Oct. 28

Boone County — reported by County Clark Justin Crigler

In-person Early Voting: TBA

Absentee Ballots mailed out: 17,000

Absentee Ballots returned: 11,000

Campbell County — reported by County Clerk Jim Leursen

In-person Early Voting: 11,700

Absentee Ballots mailed out: 12,500

Absentee ballots returned: 9,800

Kenton County — reported by County Clerk Gabrielle Summe

In-person Early Voting: 23,985

Absentee ballots mailed out: 24,258

Absentee ballots returned: 19,970

Secretary of State

Secretary of State Michael Adams announced that approaching the October 5 voter registration deadline for the 2020 general election, Kentucky saw a big bump in new registrants, its biggest monthly increase this year.

As of September 30, 3,565,428 Kentuckians were registered to vote, a jump of 47,861 registered voters since the end of August.

“I’m pleased so many Kentuckians have registered to vote, and they’ll find that we’ve made voting easier than it’s ever been before,” Adams said. “Based on this surge of registration, we expect a high turnout and encourage voters to vote early rather than create long lines on Nov. 3.”

In this same time period, 6,633 ineligible voters were removed from the voter rolls. These include voters who have died, been convicted of a felony, or moved out of state.

Currently, Democratic registrants represent 46.9 percent of the electorate with 1,672,380 registered voters.

Democratic registration increased by 1,591 since August 31, a 0.10 percent increase.

Republican registrants total 1,568,690, or 43.9 percent of voters, with an increase of 35,595 registered voters, a gain of 2.32 percent since August 31.

Voters represented under all other affiliations, fall right at 9 percent of the total, and saw an increase of 10,675 registrants, or a 3.4 percent rise since August 31.
Complete registration statistics are available on the State Board of Elections website.

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  1. Dan Humpert says:

    I just voted at Independence Senior Center. Fifteen minutes from walking up to walking out. Lots of parking, Lots of space inside, very nicely laid out. One entrance in and two exits. Kudos to Gabrielle Summe, Kenton County Clerk for well-organized and well-structured early voting stations in Kenton County. The Clerk in Independence said they are doing roughly 1,200 voters a day. Huge turnout!

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