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Covington Catholic graduate wins BBB Center for Ethics Students of Integrity Scholarship

Covington Catholic graduate Paul Allison was named one of two winners of the BBB Center for Ethics Students of Integrity (SOI) scholarship for the 2020 year.

The SOI scholarship is an ethics-based essay competition; recipients are chosen by an independent panel of judges for submissions demonstrating an exceptional interaction with a unique ethical dilemma.

“I loved my high school experience. It was the best four years of my life,” Allison explained, pointing out the endless opportunities his school offered for students looking to grow and excel — opportunities Allison took complete and happy advantage of.

Paul Allison

He was an exceptional student with a passionate interest in academics, as well as a diverse athlete, participating in various programs such as cross country, track and even ultimate frisbee. He was dedicated to campus ministry and multiple youth platforms for religious outreach.

“My faith’s important to me,” he said.

He also demonstrated a talent and passion for the arts: Allison spent three years in the theater and drama program, sang in the chamber choir and was president of the school’s photography club. But one of the most interesting hallmarks of Allison’s high school experience is the business he ran alongside his student career.

At the age of 16, Allison established a serious display of entrepreneurial spirit and success with his photo and video work. Allison did senior pictures for local students and corporate work for small businesses in the area, combining his passion for making videos, taking photos and experimenting in graphic design.

“It was a lot, running a business while being a student in high school,” Allison said, describing it as a balance test. “It helped me prepare for college, discover what I want to do. It developed me as an entrepreneur. I loved it.”

Unsurprisingly, Allison is double majoring in digital media/design and marketing at the University of Kentucky, where his twin brother, Matthew, is also attending to study engineering.

Paul and Matthew have a history of excelling academically alongside one another: both went to GSP, the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program, a program Paul described as an “incredibly awesome experience.” Paul also attended the Governor’s School for the Arts, a corresponding program in Kentucky for rising juniors and seniors in the arts.

In fact, he was one of 256 students accepted into the program out of the 2,000-plus that applied. “I attribute most of my success to how my parents raised us. They instilled a good work ethic in us early on, and have been supportive in everything we’ve done and aspired to do.”

SOI is a program of the Center, BBB’s foundation for the development of ethics in our community. To date, the Center has awarded $79,500 in scholarships for post-secondary education expenses to local students. To learn more about this or other programs of the Center, visit centerforethics.org.

BBB Center for Ethics

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