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Beyond the Curb: Urban meets rural in Dayton in an unexpected oasis with feel of country estate

The drive along 6th Avenue in Dayton showcases many homes that were built for families in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Between two of these houses is a driveway that leads to an unexpected oasis with the feel of a country estate. This property and its two buildings are featured in this week’s episode of Beyond the Curb: River City Living.

From the Adirondack chairs on the lawn of the main house, there is a wide view of Dayton, the Ohio River and a picturesque Cincinnati hillside. Off to the east on the property, a red footbridge arches over a creek next to a pond inhabited by fish and a family of turtles.

Inside the main house, the two-story living room’s huge windows create the impression of being in a treehouse. An upstairs gallery overlooks the seating area and is used as a library. Tucked between the dining room and kitchen is another surprise—an indoor pool, surrounded by art and tropical plants.

The husband and wife who own the property are both artists. They fell in love with the rural feel and convenient location of the site, but the second building sealed the deal for them. This smaller house is a mid-century structure that is perfect for their shared art studio. The owners’ creations, along with those of many of their artistic friends, bring color and interest to the interior spaces of their home, as well as accenting the outdoor spaces.

This tin Circus elephant is one of many unique pieces of art (Photo provided)

This 5-acre property in the heart of Northern Kentucky’s urban core has become a peaceful, inspiring place for these artists to call home.

Every Friday, the Catalytic Fund releases a new episode of Beyond the Curb: River City Living. All the episodes can be seen at www.BeyondtheCurb.org/video-tours.

The Catalytic Fund is a private sector, not-for-profit organization that provides financing assistance and related services for developers of quality residential and commercial real estate projects in Northern Kentucky’s urban cities of Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue and Dayton. Its mission is to accelerate Northern Kentucky’s urban renaissance through targeted investments in catalytic real estate development projects in urban neighborhoods.

A wall of art <[/caption] Enjoy the view.

A pond and bridge — enjoy a walk

The indoor pool

The deck

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