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Sharmili Reddy reinventing PDS to create a more customer-centric, accessible organization

When Sharmili Reddy took the reins at Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS) in July, the organization was working to manage operations during the pandemic, while providing support for 20 Kenton County cities. Under her new leadership, PDS is working to reinvent itself, moving forward with becoming a more customer-centric, accessible organization.

Sharmili Reddy

“Working as partners with our cities, it is our responsibility to provide the most efficient and cost-effective services,” said Reddy. “Working with our board and council, we are moving forward in a new direction for the future, developing processes that are focused on service, planning for community development and infrastructure. Change is often difficult, but we are moving in a positive direction that will have a large impact on Kenton County, driven by the needs and goals of our cities.”

The first phase of PDS’s plan includes conversations with all the stakeholders. Listening, working with communities to problem-solve, plan for growth, and manage infrastructure are among the items included in the conversations.

“There are many services we provide, and we are building a team and infrastructure to support changing needs,” said Reddy. “We are excited preparing now for accelerating access and service to meet the needs of our communities.”

“New technology was implemented at PDS the last two years which has been a tremendous help during this time of limited in-person contact. Most of our services are available in a digital format making access easier and more efficient,” added Reddy. “Next steps will include a top-notch customer service program, an improved website, and working as a partner by providing support for local economic development efforts.”

In addition to improved services and technology, PDS will lead the initiatives to realign services to best serve the communities.

“It’s fair to say we are taking a fresh look at everything; nothing is off the table,” said Reddy. “Every community has input into the process and we welcome ideas and feedback, in keeping with our open government commitment.”

For more information, visit the website. A public customer service is also located here.

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