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Joe Durrett sets personal record in Boston Marathon, which he ran Monday on Thomas More’s campus

Joe Durrett, the president of the Thomas More Alumni Association Board of Directors, ran this year’s Boston Marathon on Thomas More’s campus Monday — and beat his own personal record.

Joe Durrett, Boston Marathoner at Thomas More University.

The 124th marathon, a 26.2-mile race, became a virtual event this year, and when Durrett was considering where he could run the race in Northern Kentucky, he decided on Thomas More’s track. He wanted to use the experience as an opportunity to bring inspiration to students during difficult times brought on by COVID-19.

“Sometimes life gives you lemons and you just have to make lemonade and find the best of the situation,” he said.

This was Durrett’s first running in the Boston Marathon. He began the race around 7:30 a.m. and finished just before 10:30 a.m., totaling close to 107 laps around the track. He finished strong at 2:55:05, which was his personal record. His close friends, family, and Thomas More community members were there at the finish line to cheer him on.

At the end of the race, Durrett said, “I am taken back by the overwhelming support from my family, Thomas More facility, staff, and students. That support truly brought the atmosphere of Boston to Crestview Hills.

“This medal will always be treasured by me, but I will never look at it without thinking of everything everyone did to make it a reality. I meant for this race to be a light for everyone and I hope that light is shining bright. I could not have made that light so bright without everything my family and Thomas More did to make it a reality. 

“This race will always be so much more than the day I ran a marathon on the Thomas More track. I hope it is remembered as a day people realize life does not always go as planned. So, let’s make the best of what God gives us and utilize the light inside of all of us to let it shine and be Saints together.”

Friends and family wait at the finish line.

And he’s crossing the line!

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